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I was instilled with a love of homes and architecture at a young age, and that feeling has stuck with me ever since. Growing up with an interior designer as a mother, I have frequent memories of spontaneously stopping at any open house we…Read More

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I was born in Southern California and moved to the East Coast at a young age. After some time spent in the beautiful state of Virginia, I spent more than 18 years in Atlanta. I took a nontraditional route after high school, becoming a master…Read More


“You can be my wingman anytime.” ❤️ @shmorgie ✈️ #bh #bhplaysbig
So in love with everything about this! Such beautiful coordination. #bhworksbig #asheville #ashevillerealestate #ashevilleagent #realestateagent #828isgreat #beverly-hanks #bh
Too much fun today on the #lazoomcomedytour with my Beverly Hanks Team. #bhplaysbig #bh @lazoom @beverlyhanks
I just wanted to say thank you to the super talented @christopherpoindexter for making my vows extra special. This poem was perfect and you have the kindest heart. Thank you friend: I believe there comes a time in everyone’s life when they stop chasing things, When instead they let go of the expectations and pressure of life and Let things come naturally to them, like the flow of water, the stream of nature, The promise of the morning sun pouring upwards from the horizon. This, precisely this, is how I fell in love with you. I never imagined it would feel this way with another person, That every day I would crave and yearn to be alongside you, That my very being and softness would become the way it feels to hold you, The scent of you, your eyes looking into all of me, seeing me, truly seeing me. Sometimes I am afraid to speak because I am afraid the words aren’t enough. Can you imagine that, the words I love you feeling as if they are not enough? But I do, I love you. In more ways than you will ever know. With more strength than my body is accustomed to. With more gladness and sheer bliss than I have ever felt, in all of my living. I love you. I do. The daydreams I have of us, the daydreams of forever, hold me in such A way that I have never been held. A house. A garden. Mountains and springs And masterful meadows, all of this, with you. Whatever it is you want, You desire, you need, my heart is ready to offer it to you. You are my everything. My rock. My shelter. My home. My river. My sensation. My ecstasy . My bird song in the morning. You are all, and when that all begs for more, You become that space. I am so in love with you it nearly haunts me. This is to you. My forever. My sweet. My Eden. #bh
I got to marry the love of my life in my favorite spot on earth with some of my most favorite people (even though there were a few key players missing). It was the best day of my life and @abraca_dabra captured every moment beautifully. So excited to have these photos to remember this day. Thank you Tracy. @shmorgie #lestheadventuresbegin #loveher #mywife #dancingwithher @dancingwithher #ido #bh
So excited to have had the talented @abraca_dabra shoot our wedding. I’ve gotten to see a few so far and she captured everything so perfectly. Still feel like I’m floating. ❤️❤️❤️ #lestheadventuresbegin #dancingwithher #lesgetmarried. #bh
@shmorgie turned me into a dog person. Two of my most favorite creatures in one of my most favorite places. Photo cred to my beautiful almost wife. #33daystillido #bh
Missing the water today. Can’t wait for lake time next week with my love @shmorgie #bh #bhplaysbig
Crazy how much has changed in my life since I jumped out of this perfectly good airplane ten years ago. Not sure I would be doing this now but I’m so grateful for the experience. #tbt #bhplaysbig #bh


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Homes often look inviting during the holidays, but sellers should be careful not to go overboard. Over decorating can crowd your home and distract buyers. Consider seasonal winter decorations rather than specific religious themes to make your home as inviting as possible. And despite those hectic schedules, don’t refuse showings. Home buyers searching during the holidays usually have a good reason. Both buyers and sellers are often motivated at the end of the year, so a win-win might be perfect for ringing in the New Year.

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Aveda Institute Atlanta

127 White Pine Drive in Lake Lure, North Carolina 28746 - MLS# 3218942 Closed on 11-27-2018
3 bed  ·  3 ba  ·  2710 Hsq ft  ·  1.530 acr


127 White Pine Drive
Lake Lure 28746

MLS# 3218942 - Closed
Listed by Beverly-Hanks & Associates REALTORS