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Growing up with a father who’s a builder and a mother who’s a broker, I knew I would eventually enter into the real estate industry myself. If the time has come for you to sell your home, I will put my absolute all into marketing your pro…Read More

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I was blessed to have been raised right here in Western North Carolina. Although I have tried to move away to the Rockies a few times, I always return home—there is nothing more majestic to me than the Blue Ridge Mountains. Growing up in M…Read More


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How is the tax bill of a home determined in North Carolina?

Real property is appraised at 100% of market value and includes land, buildings, structures, and improvements. State law requires counties to reappraise every eight years, but many counties reappraise every four. A bill can be a combination of tax rates. For example, a home inside the City of Asheville and Asheville City School districts will have three separate tax rates represented on a bill: the Buncombe County rate, the City of Asheville rate, and the Asheville City School rate. All rates are totaled to calculate the total tax liability. Tax rate estimates for our mountain communities can be found on page 127 of the Beverly-Hanks Welcome Magazine.

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2.110 acr


99999 Old Forest Drive #Lot 4
Asheville 28803

2.320 acr


99999 Old Forest Drive #Lot 3
Asheville 28803

2.320 acr


40 Giffords Lane #13
Asheville 28803

3.280 acr


99999 Old Forest Drive #Lot 2
Asheville 28803

1.720 acr


18 Giffords Lane #14
Asheville 28803

1.630 acr


99999 Old Forest Drive #LOT 3C
Asheville 28803

1.680 acr


75 Old Forest Drive #Lot 1
Asheville 28803

1.690 acr

$250,000 Original: $150,000

99999 Old Forest Drive #Lot 2C
Asheville 28803

2.800 acr


138 Old Forest Drive #Lot 7
Asheville 28803

3.420 acr


44 Giffords Lane #17
Asheville 28803

1.680 acr


99999 Old Forest Drive #LOT 1C
Asheville 28803

2.000 acr


9999 Old Forest Drive #18
Asheville 28803

3.310 acr


67 Giffords Lane #10
Asheville 28803

3.000 acr


86 Old Forest Drive #Lot 16
Asheville 28803

3.380 acr


46 Giffords Lane #12
Asheville 28803

2.410 acr


64 Giffords Lane #11
Asheville 28803