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I love homes. I love them big, I love them small. I love them cute, I love them ugly. I find everything that goes into building, buying, and selling houses fascinating.

After a wonderful career as an educator in Buncombe County schools,…Read More

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Clint and I moved from Morganton in 2004 to teach at Erwin High School, and I spent most of my teaching career in Buncombe County Schools. After teaching and coaching for 16 years, Clint decided to start a business with one of his former…Read More


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How accurate are Zillow Zestimates?

Zillow's Zestimate is an estimate of value using a proprietary formula, calculated from tax records and user submitted data. It doesn’t account for condition, features, or specific location. The Zestimate was developed to entice homeowners to visit Zillow's website, not to provide an accurate home value. For our region, we've known for a long time it's only within 5% of the selling price 28% of the time. In other parts of the country where many homes are similar in age, construction, and condition, it can be more precise. If you're curious about your home's value, click here to see your Zillow Zestimate and up to three other automated estimates. Of course, there is never a substitute for having a Real Estate Review prepared for you. Fill out the form below and I will prepare a personalized review for you.

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