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~2000-present I brought my talents to use personally in the home buying selling renting process. I take skills of listening well, observing first, and help others make the decision that bests suit them. By counseling myself and others by…Read More

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~ Realtor in the foreground. Therapist in the background. I am passionate, an original thinker. A "disruptor" — I know, I know its Silicon Valley's favorite word — and it describes someone who embraces things uniquely and understands the…Read More


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Why isn’t it a good idea to pay off your mortgage?

Paying off a mortgage quickly doesn’t make a lot of financial sense, but it does give a lot of homeowners a great deal of comfort. For it to make sense for you, the investment’s annualized rate of return needs to earn more than the cost of your mortgage interest rate. With many homeowners sitting on some of the lowest rates in history, (3.5%–5.5%) it’s not hard to achieve a higher rate of return. What makes it hard is that there are few guarantees in investments. While the stock market has produced a rate of return close to 10% over the last 90 years, individual investments lose money every day. Even real estate can include risk from market conditions and lack of liquidity. Working with a professional financial planner and mortgage loan officer is the best way to achieve confidence in your personal financial goals.

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  • Hendersonville Board Of Realtors Member
  • Ladies Professional Golf Association Asheville
  • National Bodybuilding Personal Competitor 2013

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Stanford University, Counseling and Psychological Services Psychology Internship

Boston University

Saybrook Graduate School and Research Center