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Throwing it back to opening day at Cherokee. #tbt #bh
Enjoying the snow with my wife. #bh
Klaire helping me bail hay. #bh
Enjoying the fresh air. #bh
Hiking to waterfalls with my family, and of course Pooh had to join the fun! #bh
Having fun watching the Atlanta Falcons! #bh
Love running races with my family. #bh
It was a special moment being able to have 5 generations in one picture. #bh
Love being her “Poppy”! #bh

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What’s more important: The price of a home or my interest rate?

That depends on how long you plan to stay in the home. We’ll assume you remain in the house for 30 years. Let’s compare an 80% LTV mortgage for a $240,000 home and an interest rate of 4.5% with a that for a $210,000 home at 6.5%. By the time you pay off the loan on the more expensive home, you would have paid a total of $350,222.24. For the less expensive home and higher rate, you’ll end up paying $34,000 more! In this case, the higher price and lower interest rate would have worked to your advantage. Consider scenarios like these with a loan officer in order to make confident decisions. My preferred loan officer and I are ready to help you make confident decisions today.

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