Liz Talsky

Residential Broker Associate

Beverly-Hanks, REALTORS®

Downtown Asheville

Email: [email protected]
Cell: (828) 702-0450 Office: (828) 254-7221

Team Member Since 2018


I would love to be part of your new future or help you say goodbye to your starter home!

Prior to becoming a full-time real estate agent, I performed disaster housing inspections for FEMA after Hurricane Katrina struck the Louisiana…Read More

About Me

I came to the Asheville area in 2008 by way of Orlando, Florida. I am a local small business owner, mother of three, and wife to my best friend!


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Why aren’t all buyers able to buy?

In markets with less than six months of inventory, competition between buyers can be intense. To elevate their standing with a seller, buyers will often provide a pre-qualification letter. In a pre-qualification, lenders don't verify the information provided by a buyer. Pre-approval, on the other hand, involves third-party verification. After an offer, I verify that a prospective buyer is pre-approved for the contract amount and that closing in the expected time period—usually 30 to 45 days—won’t be an issue.

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