Robert Woodson

Residential Broker Associate

Beverly-Hanks, REALTORS®

North Asheville

Email: [email protected]
Cell: (828) 231-6418 Office: (828) 251-1800

Team Member Since 2019


I am no stranger to doing what it takes to get the job done.

Before becoming a full-time real estate agent, I spent 38 years in outside executive sales with Blue Ridge Printing Co., a fast-paced, internationally recognized commercial…Read More

About Me

I have deep roots in Western North Carolina. I was born in Asheville, raised on a horse farm, and currently live in the Reems Creek Valley area of Weaverville close to property that goes back in my family over 150 years. I am a true local…Read More


My beautiful granddaughter Stella Mae is once again the ambassador baby for the March of Dimes-WNC. #BH #bhgivesbig #rwoodson20
Look what showed up in my backyard. #BH #beverlyhanks #rwoodson2019 #weaverville
Enjoying some downtime with close friends at New Belgium brewery. #bhplaysbig #BH #rwoodson2019 #asheville
My wife Marie and I had a great tour of the Arras with property manager Tina Miller -This place is going to be awesome. #BH #be
I’m very excited for my father-in-law Glenn Wilcox and his business partner John Mckibbon who are developing the Arras - our e
Marie and I with dear friends Michael & Eva Greene at the grand opening celebration of “Capella on 9” at the new AC Marriott
I worked all day smoking this turkey to enjoy with our grandkids. It is really not burnt. #BH #beverlyhanks #rwoodson2019 #ash
At Appalachian State University with my father-in-law Glenn Wilcox getting ready for a ballgame. #BH #bhplaysbig #rwoodson2019
My grandson Gavin and I downtown Asheville taking in a little history. #BH #beverlyhanks #rwoodson2019 #Asheville


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Western Carolina University

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