Paint Companies Weigh in on the 2017 Colors of the Year

Whether coincidence or by design, 2016 seemed characterized as the year of 50 shades of grey. Soft dove greys welcomed you into foyers, rich mineral greys made cabinets pop—even the grout between subway tiles suddenly darkened into the all-at-once ubiquitous hue.

Elle Decor predicted we’d be seeing more muted jewel tones and pastels in the coming year. While the major paint companies were overall not quite as adventurous in their selections, next year’s colors will be showstoppers when used correctly.

2017’s colors of the year retain a lot of the same qualities of the greys: coziness and comfort, with a few surprising pops. But next year proves to be anything but neutral. Here are the 2017 Colors of the Year, as named by the major paint companies.

Benjamin Moore: Shadow

Closest to the predicted jewel tones, this “deep and moody” dark purple hue is at once dramatic and playful. Benjamin Moore creative director Ellen O’Neill had this to say about the color:

“It is a little bit rock and roll. It’s the color of the galaxy but also the color of a beautiful fig. It’s passion, it’s bravery, but it’s also silence. It can be electrified or softened. That’s what I like about it—it’s versatile.”

See Benjamin Moore’s full palette of 22 colors for 2017 at


Photo by Benjamin Moore.

Dunn-Edwards: Honey Glow

The warmth of Honey Glow can be used as a eye-catching accent or as a way to cheer up the whole house. “A symbolic marriage of joyfulness and intellect,” the color is loaded with deeper meaning. According to Dunn-Edwards, “It represents global and cultural trends toward warmth, the exploration of new territories, and celebrating life filled with color.” A portion of the proceeds also go to support urban beekeeping.

To learn how color expert Sara McLean selected the hue, watch the video on


Photo by Dunn-Edwards.

GLIDDEN®: Byzantine Blue

Just a step away from the calming neutral hues of 2016, GLIDDENⓇ opted for a subtle, soothing violet for 2017. Byzantine Blue “stretches the boundaries of purple to borrow all of best qualities of blue and gray, making it an appealing color choice for nearly any room,” said Misty Yeomans, PPG color marketing manager of Glidden paint. These ageless and gender-neutral features make it both a versatile accent as well as an innovative base color for the whole home.

Read more about Byzantine Blue at


Photo by Glidden.

OLYMPIC® Paints & Stains: Cloudberry

Olympic Paints thinks 2017 will be characterized by JOMO: the Joy of Missing Out. In response, they’ve chosen this soft violet for those who prefer to tune out and retreat from the pressures of fast-paced daily life. According to Dee Schlotter, PPG senior color marketing manager at Olympic:

“Home décor trends for 2017 are reflecting society’s urge to find a space apart from constant connectedness, and to create balance by establishing our homes as places to refresh.”

Read more about Cloudberry at


Photo by Business Wire.

Sherwin-Williams: Poised Taupe

Like Olympic, Sherwin-Williams is focused on bringing a sense of sanctuary into the home. However, instead of focusing on the ideal, they look to create “a space that celebrates a well-lived life.” The resulting earthen brown combined with conservative grey represents the complex “patina of a weathered wood tabletop.”

In addition to the “warming up” of neutrals in general, Sherwin-Williams believes 2017 will see several key colors emerge in combination with taupe. See those key color combinations at


Photo by Sherwin-Williams.

BEHR: Color Currents 2017

As opposed to choosing one hue for the year, BEHR creates a “curated collection of livable, fashion-forward hues.” These 20 new limited-edition colors are segmented into three lifestyle collections: Comfortable, Composed, and Confident. According to BEHR, “Each is designed to be inspirational and personal, tailored to help you create a home that fits your style and personality.”

View the palettes on


Photo by BEHR.

Valspar: Colors of the Year 2017

“Choosing a color for a project can be challenging when options are endless,” said Sue Kim, Valspar Color Strategist. “So, we’ve curated a collection of 12 livable hues to give consumers choice and confidence in discovering and expressing their own style.”

The 2017 Valspar Colors of the Year reflect what Valspar sees as key prevailing trends: sustainable and simplistic living, spirituality, and self-improvement. See them at


Photo by Valspar.


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