Make Your Home Feel New with the 2021 Colors of the Year

Home, sweet home…. Right?

After spending more time than ever inside our homes this year, many are experiencing pandemic fatigue in a variety of forms. Some realized quickly that their particular domicile didn’t offer the lifestyle they need, leading to a skyrocketing demand from home buyers. Others hunkered down (leading to an even scantier supply of homes for sale), but opted to transform their space. Major design brands have taken note, and they are delivering trends designed specifically to calm frazzled nerves and transform your space into any purpose you need: home, office, schoolroom, meditation space, and more.

In recent years, some paint companies have experimented with palettes or wallpaper patterns of the year. Now, it appears that each brand has its own initiatives in place. Last year’s key colors looked forward, but this year, brands are focusing on the here and now, both temporally and spatially. Whether one hue, a handful, or a whole house’s worth, comfort is the keyword for the coming year. 

Here are the 2021 Colors of the Year from the top paint companies in the U.S. and U.K.

BEHR®: 21-Color Color Trends Palette

BEHR® has released a Color Trends 2021 Palette of 21 curated hues. Together, the palette is meant to create a desired mood of elevated comfort that complements your style in any space. They’ve also broken down their palette into more focused mini-collections. Most notably, the Casual Comfort collection features a selection of warm, earthy neutrals. Followed by the Calm Zone of “restorative blues and greens,” the 2021 palette continues BEHR’s trend of nature-focused, “invigorating” hues. Also notable is the Outdoor Escape collection, designed for easy curbside appeal.

See the full BEHR®: Color Trends 2021 Palette at

Benjamin Moore: Aegean Teal 2136-40

The star of Benjamin Moore’s 12-tone Color Trends 2021 palette is Aegean Teal. This balanced blue-green hue invites you to reflect and reset. Listed as “intriguing” and “deeply soothing,” Aegean Teal evokes the calm seas of the Mediterranean in a slightly muted tone. Benjamin Moore celebrates the simple pleasures through the “sunbaked hues” of their full palette, which was designed to “radiate warmth and wellbeing.” They claim, “These are colors that make your home feel even more like home.” 

See Aegean Teal and the Color Trends 2021 Palette at

Dunn-Edwards: 2021 Color + Design Trends

Embracing the chaos and contradiction of our times, Dunn-Edwards has unveiled five sets of color palettes. Called “An Exhibition of Color,” they present their design trends as a journey through an art gallery. The five unique works each highlight a storyline meant to inspire and enlighten as we approach 2021. Where they overlap, though, is in vibrancy. “Overall, this year’s palette has grown warmer and deeper—highlighted by almost-artificial brights juxtaposed against mysterious shades, reflecting our global attempt to find balance.”

See the Dunn-Edwards “Exhibition of Color” at

Glidden: Aqua Fiesta (PPG1147-4)

Glidden bowed out of the Color of the Year race last year. This year, they have again gone rogue. Instead of announcing a Color of the Year, Glidden has made a nod to the DIY’ers working from home and announced an Accent Color of the Year instead. Aqua Fiesta is a “cheerful and fresh” aquamarine color designed to make any space in your home look bright and fun. “No one could have predicted how upsetting 2020 would have turned out to be,” said Amy Donato, Glidden paint’s color whisperer. “Now, it’s time to put down that homemade banana bread and pick up a paint brush.”

See Aqua Fiesta at

Graham & Brown: Timepiece Amethyst & Epoch

Each year, U.K.-based Graham & Brown pairs their Color of the Year with a Wallpaper of the Year. For 2021, their paper choice is “Timepiece Amethyst,” chosen to help the company celebrate their Diamond 75th anniversary. Printed on a shimmering mica fibrous paper, the design features elements of their very first wallpaper produced, classic stunning florals, and a sharp diamond geometric. When paired with the rich, deep amethyst Epoch, their Color of the Year, the result celebrates a heritage of decadence and innovation. In your home, you’ll relish the dual nature of the pair. While the color has a calming effect on both the mind and nerves, it can also be uplifting and trigger creativity.

See this inspired color and wallpaper in situ together at

HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams: Passionate HGSW2032

Check below for the SW main pick, but don’t miss this outstanding HGTV Home Color of the Year. Passionate is “a rich, saturated red that blurs the line between modern and traditional”. The hue sits at the nexus of current design trends: bold and vibrant, yet elegant and calming, and inspired by nature. Whether you’re looking to inspire mindfulness or empower your space, this is an energetic hue that merges modern design with traditional charm.

See the HGTV Home 2021 Color Collection of the Year at

PPG: “Be Well” Palette

For the first time, PPG released a trio of Colors of the Year: their “Be Well” Palette. The set is anchored by Transcend, “a midtone oatmeal-colored hue that draws on earthy influences and nostalgia”. It is paired with Big Cyprus, “a shaded ginger with persimmon undertones,” and Misty Aqua, “a watercolor cerulean blue.” Together, they offer an antidote to the cool grey era of the 2010s, and they evoke both the lightness and calm of the outdoors. Warm neutrals are in across the board, and PPG brings them to the forefront with this palette that celebrates wellness as a priority. 

See the full Be Well, Be True, and Be Wild 2021 color palettes at

Sherwin-Williams: Urbane Bronze (SW 7048)

Transform your home into the ultimate retreat for reflection and renewal. This nature-inspired hue cultivates a sense of calm from the ground up. Urbane Bronze was chosen in large part because it works well with other biophilic elements, including light-filled spaces and foliage. The “new neutral” also complements natural materials like wood finishes, stone accents, and mixed metals, which tie earthy neutrals back to their nature-inspired roots. Use it in whole rooms or to highlight window trims or accent walls. Nature has never looked so sophisticated.

See how influencers brought their sanctuaries to life with Urbane Bronze at

Valspar: A Dozen 2021 Colors of the Year

If more choices bring you comfort, then Valspar has the Colors of the Year palette that you need. They chose a dozen “fresh and familiar” trendy colors that are “all about making you feel cozy and comfortable”. Even though they are currently on trend, each hue is also easy to love forever. From Blissful Blue to Garden Flower, then back to Soft Candlelight, these muted tones and cheerful neutrals will infuse your home with color without overwhelming your daily grind.

See the 12 Valspar 2021 Colors of the Year at

Would you paint your home with any of the 2021 Colors of the Year? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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