4 Blue Ridge Parkway Hikes with Unforgettable Views

4 Blue Ridge Parkway Hikes with Unforgettable Views

Even early in the spring, before the trees and native foliage take full bloom, our Western North Carolina mountains are filled with stunning spots to stop and smell the roses, so to speak. They’re perfect to visit with a partner and friend, someone who’s had your back for a long time. Perhaps even someone who you would spend the rest of your life with…if she says yes.

Our agents are big fans of creating romantic moments along the Blue Ridge Parkway. The gentle winding of the road and stunning vistas create memorable moments 469 miles long. And if you’re searching for something more intimate than a roadside overlook, we have just the thing: scenic hikes that lead to unforgettable views of their own. And best of all, they don’t take all day to reach—each is under two miles—meaning that pounding in your chest isn’t from exertion.

Here are four Blue Ridge Parkway hikes with unforgettable views. (Creating that perfect, unforgettable moment is up to you.)

Balsam Nature Trail

BRP Milepost: 355.4

Length: 0.75 miles, round trip

Difficulty: Moderate

Description: If you’re worried about parking or accommodations along the Blue Ridge Parkway, this is your trail. In addition to being the shortest on the list, it’s also the highest in elevation, featuring the highest spring in the eastern U.S. The self-guided nature trail leads you from Mount Mitchell Trail to the mountain summit. Panorama views from the observation deck cannot be beat!

Craggy Gardens

BRP Milepost: 361.2

Length: 0.9 miles, round trip

Difficulty: Easy

Description: This trail is close to Asheville and offers incredible sunset views, making it a popular destination. However, in early spring you’re sure to have some privacy among the twisted rhododendron vines and high-elevation mosses. For added difficulty or even more stunning views, try the Craggy Pinnacle trail (1.4 miles, Strenuous).

Fryingpan Mountain Tower

BRP Milepost: 408.5

Length: 1.5 miles, round trip

Difficulty: Moderate

Description: Out of the frying pan and into the fire station! This short hike leads to the historic Fryingpan Mountain lookout tower. From the Blue Ridge Parkway, follow the old gravel road lined with wildflowers and berries. You don’t have to climb high—spectacular views of nearby Mount Pisgah are available from the tower’s lower levels.

Devil’s Courthouse

BRP Milepost: 422.4

Length: 0.9 miles, round trip

Difficulty: Moderate

Description: This classic Parkway trail leads to the summit of a jagged, rocky peak with a sinister-looking profile. But there’s nothing sinister about the views! The Courthouse opens to full panoramas perfect for a romantic picnic. Stay later in the afternoon for an amazing sunset. While the hike up can be challenging, it is mostly paved.

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