5 Property Photos You Need to Sell Your Home Fast (and 3 to Skip)

Here are five must-have photos to sell your home fast—as well as three you should leave on the cutting room floor.
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No matter how large or small, every property has a story to tell. And we know that the limits placed by the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) can make it difficult to tell your property’s whole story. That’s why on beverly-hanks.com, we allow you to post as many photos of your home as you think you need.

However, some stories are told better than others. Poor first impressions lose buyers, and with most first impressions taking place online, photography is critical for encouraging viewers to visit your home.

Listings with professional-grade photography can sell for as much as 11.5% more! The better your photography, the better your chance of receiving a good offer. Today’s home buyers demand as much of your home’s story as possible before taking the time to view it online or in person. With the best photography, you are able to present your home’s best story.

So, what are the most important photos to have in your listing? Whether you’re composing a short story (12 photos) or an epic tale (48+), here are five must-have photos to sell your home fast—as well as three you should leave on the cutting room floor.

1 Orchid Lane in Asheville
Would you pass up a chance to check out 1 Orchid Lane in Asheville?

1. The Perfect Exterior

The first (and in many cases, the only) photo that shoppers see of your home is the iconic exterior shot. If you’re selling your home this spring, don’t forget to start your spring cleaning and show off your green thumb before the photographer ever arrives! Clear yard debris, touch up any damaged exterior paint, and make sure your curb appeal is on point. While you’re at it, tuck away your garbage bins, gardening bags, sports equipment, and anything else that clutters up the frame. Your photographer should be able to make your home look light and bright and welcoming to all potential buyers.

Pro tip: Follow up your perfect exterior photo with a closeup of your front door. It may just make you some extra money on your sale.

524 Pinchot Drive in Asheville
What do you think of the living room at 524 Pinchot Drive in Asheville?

2. The Focal Point

No, you don’t need to draw a big bulls eye on the floor. But home buyers do want to see the grandest view of your home. Usually this is your great room/living room/family room/den—whatever you like to call it. And if you have a magnificent fireplace, all the better. Make sure to get as much of the room as possible, especially if you have an open floor plan (which remains a big draw to buyers). Furnished, tidy rooms work best, so buyers can picture what it’s like to live there.

34 Ivy Lane in Fletcher
Do you love the custom poplar bark accents in this kitchen at 34 Ivy Lane in Fletcher as much as we do?

3. The Home Hub

AKA, the kitchen. AKA, the place where all home entertaining begins. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for a buyer who loves your kitchen’s “potential,” or you want to show off a brand new state-of-the-art remodel. Buyers want to see your kitchen. If it’s open or accessible from other rooms, it’s great to get multiple angles, too. Make sure the counters are clear, even from small appliances like your coffee maker. And don’t forget to mention any notable features in your MLS description, as well. This includes pantry storage, islands, bar seating, custom cabinetry, and high-end appliances.

455 Breakwood Drive in Clyde
Who would you like to entertain at 455 Breakwood Drive in Clyde?

4. Outdoor Entertainment

According to Zillow, nearly a third of buyers last year were classified as first-time buyers. These buyers tend to value smaller, more affordable homes with great space for outdoor entertaining. And while backyard swimming pools remain a draw, in the mountains we see more demand for rocking-chair front porches, fire pits, back decks with mountain views, and access to hiking trails and community green spaces. If your home has these things, show them off! While you’re at it, highlight any established landscaping and gardening spaces—these are also big draws.

157 Trillium Lane in Mars Hill
Can you imagine waking up every day to the view at 157 Trillium Lane in Mars Hill?

5. That View!

Of all the reasons to live in Western North Carolina, one literally towers above the rest: our beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. In WNC, peak living happens when you have daily views of the peaks. So, if you have great views from your home, show them off! People travel from all over to hike our mountain trails and scout out the perfect scenic overlooks. But there’s nothing like rolling out of bed to your own private mountain views. It’s why many people choose to move here, and it’s what they want to see from your home.

Pro tip: Engage a photographer with a drone license for some truly stunning views of your home and property.

2005 Viburnum Lane in Asheville
What film would you watch first in the screening room at 2005 Viburnum Lane in Asheville?

BONUS: Anything that makes your home unique.

With nearly 4,000 homes currently on the market in our region, it’s important to make your home’s story stand out. We understand that not every home was designed to mimic Chicago’s Waldorf Astoria, but we know there’s something special and unique about yours. Do you have any cool architectural features or amenities in your home? How about custom backsplashes, locally-made tiles, or an in-home artist studio? Whatever it is, make sure to include a great photo.

3 Property Photos You Should Never Show

While there’s a lot to show off about your home, there are other features it’s always better to skip. Trust us—if a buyer cares enough about something, they will ask. But there is such a thing as providing too much information up front. 

Leave these photos off of your listing:

Toilet Closeups

If you’ve recently renovated your half bath with really cute wallpaper and new fixtures, that’s worth showing off—as a whole. But skip the closeup shots of the porcelain throne. And for any and all bathroom photos, please put down the seat lid. We’re begging you.


Dirty dishes on the counter, stacks of mail under the coffee table, your grandmother’s collection of porcelain figurines spilling out from the built-ins around the fireplace. On the one hand, buyers may have trouble picturing themselves in a home that’s currently empty. But on the other hand, there is such a thing as too much personality


You may think it’s cute to include Fido in a different pose in every room of the house. But buyers may see a trail of pet odors and repair projects instead. In today’s seller’s market, it’s always better to stick with classic, elegant photography and skip the gimmicks.

Are You Ready for Your Closeup?

At Beverly-Hanks, we’ve seen thousands of properties over our 45 years in business. That makes us uniquely qualified to help you understand how to properly prepare your home for sale. And making sure your home is in optimal showing condition will set it apart from your competition. In many cases, it’s the difference between a timely sale or a long, drawn-out process.

If you’re planning to list your home on the market this season, increase your home’s market value with professional photography. Contact us today to speak with a Beverly-Hanks real estate agent about selling homes and land in Western North Carolina.

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