5 Easy Summer Staging Tips that Will Amplify Your Home Listing

Here are five of our easiest summer staging tips to wow your buyers and help you sell your home.
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Each season has its own set of advantages and disadvantages when it comes to selling your home. For instance, summer may seem like the ideal time to sell a home, but for many it’s a challenge. Not only are buyers distracted by summer vacations, watching the kids, and summer holiday activities, but so are you. 

Our current real estate market is hotter than the weather outside. Even so, knowing how to prepare and position your home is important for a quick and beneficial sale.

Here are five of our easiest summer staging tips to wow your buyers and help you sell your home.

1. Keep it Cool as a Cucumber

No one will want to walk through your home if it’s as hot inside as the temperature outside. Assuming your home does have central air, get it inspected before putting the home on the market. An HVAC breakdown never bodes well during peak showing season. Keep the thermostat around 70 degrees Fahrenheit all the time to cool and dehumidify your home. Now’s not the time to skimp on the energy bills.

Bonus Tip: If your home doesn’t have central air conditioning, consider keeping it off the market until the fall. Even if you have window units, most are loud and aren’t able to do the job when the thermometer is pushing close to 100 degrees. Besides, fall has its own advantages as a house hunting season in WNC.

2. Create a Squeaky Clean Entryway

A nice front door makes a great first impression, but keeping one clean takes extra effort during and after a heavy pollen season. Thoroughly clean all of your windows inside and out before putting your home on the market. Then check the windows periodically to ensure they remain crystal clear. If needed, make sure the paint is fresh (not faded) and any chips or scrapes are fixed on trim, railings, and decks. Check caulk around windows and doors, and clear gutters and downspouts of debris. To extend the reach of your first impressions, clean and dress up your mailbox, as well.

3. Show that the Grass is Always Greener…

High water costs and summertime water bans can make green grass harder to come by during the scorching summer months. However, keeping your front landscaping looking fresh and bright maximizes curb appeal. If you have to manage water, skip the back yard. If all the back yards on the street are brown, buyers will know the problem isn’t with your property. Don’t forget to add a fresh-looking potted plant at the front door and keep the front porch and walkway clear of bugs and debris. Your goal should be to make your home look as welcoming as possible from the outside for all potential buyers.

Bonus Tip: Garden space is a major selling point! If you do have prime garden space, don’t neglect it. Keep your garden under control, weeded, and harvest ready. If you opted not to plant this season, place a few potted plants around the beds to show their potential. Native plants are well adapted to regional weather extremes.

4. Set the Mood with a Refreshing Beverage

Back inside, a few small touches will make your house look homey. Place fresh flowers in as many spots throughout your rooms as you can. Set out a pitcher of tea or lemonade if possible just before buyers arrive. If you’re out of town on vacation, ask your listing agent to help make sure your home looks clean, cheery, and refreshing. This strategy is also helpful for listing photos. Don’t underestimate the visual power of a nice clear counter with a pitcher of fresh-squeezed lemonade and a chilled glass or two.

Bonus Tip: Speaking of setting the scene, don’t forget about any outdoor entertainment areas. If you have an outdoor space, stage it to look like it’s ready for entertaining. Keep your outdoor furniture clean and put cushions on the chairs.

5. Make Yourself Scarce

Even though it’s a lot harder during school vacation, all occupants, including kids, must clear out every time prospective buyers come by. It’s important to give the buyers and their agent free rein of the house. Many home shoppers feel very uncomfortable looking at a home if the seller is present. And uncomfortable prospects rarely become buyers. Find a local spot where you can hang out for an hour or two at a time. Local coffee shops work well, or consider a park or library if the kids are with you.

Ready for More Summer Staging Tips?

At Beverly-Hanks, we’ve seen thousands of properties over our 45 years in business. That makes us uniquely qualified to help you understand how to properly prepare your home for sale. Nothing is more important than pricing your home. But making sure your home is in optimal showing condition will set it apart from your competition. And in many cases, it’s the difference between a timely sale or a long, drawn-out process.

Our professional Beverly-Hanks agents are here to help you prepare your home for the summer selling season. Contact us today to speak with a Beverly-Hanks real estate agent about selling homes and land in Western North Carolina.

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  1. My sister and her family of 5 have outgrown their house and I’ve been wanting to do some research to help them when they decide to put their house on the market. I had no idea that using flowers throughout the house can make it look more appealing to buyers. As long as they have a good realtor and follow these helpful tips, it sounds to me like selling their house shouldn’t be too hard after all! Thank you.

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