13 Local Summer Festivals Written in Emoji

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Happy World Emoji Day! Or, as they say in the world of emoji: For 20 years, digital communication has been slowly taken over by these little pictographs. In the last eight years, since they were officially adopted by Unicode, emoji moved more quickly from their native Japanese homeland to Twitter feeds and selfie comments around… Read more »

Planes, Trains, Automobiles, and More: Transportation Options into and around WNC

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It’s easy to rely on taxis, ride shares, and car services or rentals when traveling to a new city. But in Western North Carolina, there are so many more options to be had! Check out the many transportation options available in Asheville and surrounding areas. Planes into and around WNC Asheville Regional Airport (AVL) Believe… Read more »

7 Super Spots to Celebrate Free Comic Book Day

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Whether you’re a lifelong fan or you saw a movie in the theater and just want to learn more, there’s a reason to celebrate this weekend. The first Saturday of May is Free Comic Book Day, an unofficial holiday that’s officially awesome! Most local comic book shops celebrate Free Comic Book Day—some with discounts, some… Read more »