Agents Answer: Where are the Best Movie Theaters in WNC?

We asked our agents: Where are the best movie theaters in WNC?
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Western North Carolina has long been home to movie lovers and movie makers. Locals periodically spot visiting actors and crews in the area. (One notable film shot here recently was Martin McDonagh’s Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri). And in fact, so many movies have been filmed in our region, we’ve even created a map to help you scout out locations along the WNC Movie Trail.

With the Academy Awards coming up—arguably the most prestigious awards in film—we’re spending time catching up on the nominees. These days, some films are released directly through the streaming services behind the production. However, the best place to see studio-produced films is still on the ultimate big screen: your local movie theater.

Our Beverly-Hanks agents are fans of all sorts of movies, but they have strong opinions on where you should see them. We asked them: Where are the best movie theaters in WNC?

Holy cow, I thought you’d never ask! My favorites, off the top of my head: Flat Rock Cinema, Co-Ed Cinema (Brevard), the Fine Arts Theatre (Asheville), The Carolina (South Asheville), and Biltmore Grande (Biltmore Park). Did I mention that I like going to the movies? Here’s the scoop:

  • Flat Rock Cinema – Artsy, intimate, and beer by the quart…by the quart!
  • The Co-Ed – One screen, generally a blockbuster, and it’s a time machine.
  • Fine Arts – $5 Tuesdays, unfiltered sake, and proximity to the Chocolate Lounge.
  • Biltmore Grande – State-of-the-art everything for the most modern moviegoer.
  • The Carolina – Two words: Sofa Cinema.

Jesse Shepherd

When you have kids, there is no doubt that Regal Biltmore Grande Stadium 15 at Biltmore Park is the ticket. When mine were younger, it was a great place to throw a birthday party, with their great party rooms and movie packages. My youngest loves coming to Biltmore Grande with friends and enjoying the entire Biltmore Park experience, which of course includes lots of shopping, ice cream, hamburgers, pizza, frozen yogurt, and a movie in RPX! Biltmore Grande is also a great theater and location for date night or girls night out with amazing walkable restaurants for dinner and drinks!

Christina G. Merrill

If you are looking for a quaint movie house with a memorable, laid back vibe and jaw dropping acoustics, check out The Strand at 38 Main in Downtown Waynesville. They recently started showing first-run films.

Michelle McElroy

Asheville Brewing Company on Merrimon Avenue in North Asheville is easily the coolest movie theatre in town. Beer, pizza, games, and movies—what else could you ask for?

Mike Kelleher

The former Carolina Cinemas is now the Carolina Cinemark Asheville. Located at 1640 Hendersonville Road, it has 12 theaters, several of which are “couch theaters”. It also has a fairly decent menu, and they will give you a vibrating pager and meet you at the door of your theater when your food is ready. Finally, it has a great draft beer selection!

Bill Byrne

Smoky Mountain Cinema in Waynesville was a community staple for years. Recently revitalized, it makes a wonderful local place to relax and enjoy a movie—without the need to travel out of town. If you’re looking for a classic movie theater with a welcoming, small-town feel, Smoky Mountain Cinema is definitely worth a visit.

Noah Ball

Biltmore Grand Cinemas! My husband and I have a movie theater in our home and live in Weaverville, but we drive all the way to BGC to see movies. It’s the best!

LaNita Cloninger

We love the Fine Arts Theatre downtown. You can enjoy a first-run or independent film and then dine downtown afterwards. It’s a classic Asheville experience. 

Julie Smith & Todd Kaderabek

My favorite is Regal Grand 15 in Biltmore Park. You can’t beat the comfy, reclining seats and clean surroundings. The snack bar offers a large variety of candy and snacks and some selections even afford you the opportunity to eat dinner while you watch your movie! However, there are so many awesome restaurants throughout Biltmore Park to choose from, as well. Not to mention, an ice cream and cupcake shop and a doggie treat store! Going to the movies at the Regal in Biltmore Park is more about the total experience than just going to see a movie.

Debbie Hrncir

One of our favorite local spots is The Strand in Waynesville. They have new releases and the best popcorn ever. They make it old fashioned-style with butter and salt. Munch on it with a cold beer, and you are set. Many times a month, they will even have free family movies. They also have concerts there. It’s located downtown just a few feet from our Beverly-Hanks Waynesville office.

Ben & Amanda Hill

The Grail Moviehouse in Downtown Asheville is a great place to catch not only new movies, but also smaller releases and special events. They are locally owned and serve local snacks, beer, and wine. If you are downtown, I highly recommend it.

William Coin

Love the Movies? Live Near the Best Theaters in WNC!

If you’re a true cinephile, living close to a great movie theater is probably on your bucket list. Find your dream home near one of the theaters mentioned in this post!

Where are your favorite movie theaters in WNC? Share them with us in the comments!

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