Agents Answer: Where are the Best Farmers Markets in WNC?

We invite you to explore our many local farmers markets this season

Many of us have spent this spring tucked cozily inside, socially distanced from friends and loved ones, as well as from the elements. But across Western North Carolina, local farmers have spent their days outside, sowing fields and preparing for a successful growing season. 

At Beverly-Hanks, we appreciate the work our local farmers do every year to provide sustenance for ourselves and our communities. We encourage you to visit the Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project (ASAP) website to see when and how your local farmers and tailgate markets will reopen for the season. Patronize these markets to help local farmers sustain one of our region’s cornerstone industries.

If you are not sure which local farmers markets are the best for your needs, our Beverly-Hanks agents are here to help. We asked them: Where are the best farmers markets in WNC?

Mills River Farmers Market is located in the parking lot of Mills River Elementary School at the corner of School House Road and Banner Farm Road. You’ll find lots of very, very local produce, with herbs, vegetables, local eggs, and meat/sausage, as well. Anywhere from 15–25 vendors are there each Saturday morning from 8:00AM–12:00PM. Come on out and support the many local farmers in Mills River and be rewarded with some of the best local produce in the region.

Steve Dozier

The WNC Farmers Market on Brevard Road is awesome! The retail area features displays of high-quality fruits and vegetables, mountain crafts, jams, jellies, preserves, sourwood honey, fresh baked breads, cookies, and dozens of other farm-fresh items. My wife and I love to get locally grown NC apples to make apple butter. Admission is FREE and the public is invited to enjoy the atmosphere and character of the mountains, seven days a week, all year long.

Wes Hight

There are a couple of tailgate markets that I love to go to once the season starts. Since 1999, the Mars Hill Tailgate Market has been serving up fresh farm products and more to its visitors in a Mars Hill University parking lot just a few short blocks from Main Street. Don’t forget to sample some of the baked goods! I don’t get a chance to go to the Weaverville Tailgate Market as often, due to its being held on a Wednesday, but it’s a really nice one too. You can find it at Lake Louise behind the community center.

—Patricia Donnelly, Beverly-Hanks Relocation Department

Yancey County Farmers Market on the town square of Burnsville is one of the best I have experienced. It has a wide selection of seasonal fruits, veggies and plants, natural organic products, baked goods, and more from local Yancey County farms, as well as a mixture of arts and crafts from time to time from some of the many artists within the county. It opened May 16, and will continue each Saturday at 8:30AM, and soon will be moving down the street their new grant-funded pavilion location across from Homeplace Beer Company. Supporting locals has never been more important than now! 

Donna Banks

The South Asheville City Market, a part of ASAP, happens in the center of Biltmore Park Town Square every Wednesday afternoon from 12:00PM–4:00PM, April through October. It’s the perfect place to take care of your midweek shopping while enjoying music, food tastings, and much more.

Amy Fleming

I recommend Western North Farmers Market on Brevard Road in Asheville. Tailgates are wonderful, and they are in each area of the county, but they bring busloads to this farmers market. I go there every week during the season. I go to Coates Market and they carry everything!

—Beverly Bryan, Agent Services

The quaint town of Black Mountain has a tailgate market every Saturday from 9:00AM–12:00PM during the summer months, May through October. It’s at the empty lot behind the First Baptist Church on Montreat Road, and many people in the community walk there and visit with their neighbors while buying local produce and homemade products. There is also cooked food available, so it’s a great place to eat lunch.

Diane Morris

I enjoy the shops at WNC Farmers Market on Brevard Road. It is a great place for local closing gifts, as well as shipping for out-of-town clients. Troyer’s Family Market is one of the big hits for pickled spicy beets, chow chow, and local honey. It is always fun to see what I end up bringing home for myself in addition to gifts for others! 

Donette Moore

There is no better way to begin any Saturday (8:00AM–Noon) than by going to the North Asheville Tailgate Market on the beautiful campus of UNC Asheville under a canopy of trees. It is Western North Carolina’s oldest “producer” market and features over 40 farmers, chefs, bakers, growers, and artists. It is Asheville at its best, and it is a real WONDER to experience:

You wonder what new produce will be available this week?

You wonder what new fresh coffee will be on display?

You wonder what new artist or live music will be enhancing the beautiful atmosphere?

You wonder what cooking demonstration or farm-to-table ideas will be on tap?

You wonder what fun and how great the people watching and culture will be?

You wonder why you did not discover this great market sooner!

Brent Russell

The most established, well-known, and largest farmers markets in the area are on Saturday mornings in Downtown Asheville and at UNC Asheville. Asheville City Market is located on N. Market Street. The North Asheville Tailgate Market is in a commuter lot at UNC Asheville. Another beloved and lively local farmers market happens Tuesday afternoons in West Asheville.

Glenn Haden

Hendersonville Historic Curb Market, located at 2nd Avenue and Church Street in Downtown Hendersonville, features some of the finest produce in the area. Open every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday from 8:00AM–2:00PM, the market features local honey and fine jelly and preserves. Established in 1924, the Curb Market is one of oldest farmer markets in the area.

Sonny Iler, Managing Broker, Hendersonville

At the Columbus Farmers Market, you will find a plethora of vendors each Saturday for an amazing assortment of Polk County’s best homegrown produce, meat, cheese, eggs, honey, plants, cut flowers, and so much more. Enjoy the “drive thru” market any Saturday, April–October, from 8:00AM–12:00PM in the parking lot of Polk County High School. For more information, visit

Laura Branyan

I’m a North Asheville Tailgate Market kind of gal! I’ve been going since my freshman year at UNC Asheville, and it’s nice to have a reason to visit the campus every week. It is my favorite Saturday morning tradition, and after so many years of going, I feel a real sense of community and connection. Insider tip: you’ll want to stop at the Three Graces Dairy booth and get you some goat cheese. Trust me—It’s out of this world!

Hannah Bayles

One of my favorite Saturday morning activities is to go to the North Asheville Tailgate Market at UNC Asheville. I grab a breakfast crepe for me and give the kids a local pastry; it is a great way to start the weekend!

Katie Ledford

The Black Mountain Tailgate Market is on our weekly to-do list! We love to stop by for mid-morning breakfast and pick up our weekly vegetables, sourwood honey, and locally grown flower bouquets. This pet-friendly, community event is held every Saturday, May through November from 9AM–Noon. Hope to see you there!

Hope Burk

The East Asheville Tailgate Market held in the Groce United Methodist Church parking lot on Fridays from 3:00–6:00PM has a little bit of everything homemade, handmade, and homegrown—from organic soaps to hand-stitched aprons to fresh products and local honey. Walking away without something is nearly impossible, but if you do, the experience itself is well worth it. 

Heather Loftin

The North Asheville Farmers Market at UNC Asheville is by far my favorite farmers market in Asheville. This is the oldest market and some of the vendors have been there since it started. They have a lot of fresh organic vegetables, organic meats, plant starts, seasonal fruits, pastries, coffee, breads, flowers, and music. Two food trucks are always there, Cecilia’s Kitchen and Elements Juices. The market also has plenty of shade for those warm summer mornings.

Maria Burril

Have a Taste for Local Produce? Live Near the Best Farmers Markets in WNC!

Our rich communities and surrounding mountains offer myriad wellness opportunities. And you can always count on fresh and tasty produce grown just down the road. Find your dream home near one of the local farmers markets mentioned in this post!

Which is your favorite farmers market in WNC? Share your story with us in the comments!


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