Agents Answer: Where are the Best Fishing Holes in WNC?

Agents Answer: Where are the Best Fishing Holes in WNC?Some people say that fishing is a cure-all for the soul. It offers a direct connection to nature for many. It offers peace and solitude to some. And it offers an opportunity for camaraderie and companionship for others.

Whatever your motivation to get out on the lake or into the streams and rivers, Western North Carolina offers some prime fishing opportunities. In fact, there are so many, it can be difficult for people inexperienced with the area (or new to the game) to find a spot that’s right for them.

Fortunately, we have several agents at Beverly-Hanks who know their way around local watering holes.

We asked them: Where are the best fishing spots in WNC?

My favorite locations to fish are those that are not in the “easy to get to” locations. The South Toe River in Micaville and areas south is the best to fish for big brown trout. I call them gray ghosts. It is a place that by the time you get there, you have traveled from the hustle of life to the slow pace of the river with its eddies and deep holes.

P.S. – The state record trout was caught in that area. It’s also known as “Prestige Trout Waters.”

Don Bell


My son and I are active in Cub Scouts, and our pack always has a great time at Lake Powhatan near Bent Creek and the North Carolina Arboretum. It is a wonderful area where families can enjoy a leisurely day of fishing, picnics, and even camping. Our favorite spot is a secret though….Real fishermen cannot divulge such secrets. 🙂

Jared Prast




Take a scenic drive 30 minutes south of Asheville and fish Mills River. North Mills River, a delayed harvest fishery located between Asheville and Brevard, is home to a variety of types of water that can challenge both the novice and experienced angler. Finish the day off at Sierra Nevada Brewery for some delicious food and cold beverages after a long day of catching rainbow, brook, and brown trout!

Wes Hight



Here’s a good spot for rainbow trout: Below the Cascade Lake dam. Watch out, because Little River flows fast. I recommend you fish the eddies with small “Streamer Flies.” You can’t miss. Use a fly rod or light spinning tackle.

Greg Lemke





WNC is trout country! And I just recently read some exciting news for Fletcher fishermen: The NC Wildlife Resource Commission plans to start stocking an area of Cane Creek near Fletcher’s community park. The section will serve as a hatchery for rainbow trout starting in July. A new pedestrian bridge in the area will connect to a nature trail and planned picnic area, making it a perfect spot for fishermen and their families. But make sure that everyone (even children) has the proper permits. (A lifetime fishing license makes an adorable first birthday or first Christmas present too.)

Stephenie Thomas


Well, this time of year, the bass are just about finishing up their spawning business. They will be heading out to deeper water to rest after having babies. They will start chasing shad in a few days—maybe a week—and they may start hitting top water baits. Lake Lure is one of the prettiest lakes in Western North Carolina and even in the USA. I run a guide service called LewisNoClark Expeditions and know the area well, as I have been a RealtorⓇ here for almost 30 years. Give me a call and I can show you the fish in the lake and or a home in the area. —Michael Lewis



Photos submitted by Wes Hight (top) and Michael Lewis (bottom).


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