Agents Answer: Where’s the Best Place to Stay Fit in WNC?

Agents Answer: Where’s the Best Place to Stay Fit in WNC?

At Beverly-Hanks, our goal is always to help our clients Live the Life You Choose. This time of year, that means helping you keep your New Year’s resolutions!

If your resolution is to purchase or sell a home in 2017, you know we’re always here for you. But chances are, at least a third of you have also resolved to be more fit and healthy. With so many fitness options available in WNC, it can be hard to know where to begin.

Luckily, our Beverly-Hanks agents are here to help you over the first hurdle so you can vault over your fitness goals.

We asked them: What’s your favorite workout spot, facility, or program?

“While I enjoy all the equipment and the atmosphere of determination at Gold’s Gym, nothing beats getting outside with the pups and hitting the trails! For an easy day, we head to Carrier Park for a few quick loops by the river. If we are feeling more adventurous, Bent Creek has enough variety to keep us occupied all afternoon. I’ve found it’s easier to keep to my resolutions when I have a furry friend enjoying the adventure with me!”

Lauren Bradley



“In Hendersonville, there are two great choices. First, Efitness Studio at 557 S Grove Street. This is a TRX training facility owned and run by Elijah and Tammy Askew. They offer an incredible workout and Eli and Tammy lead you through each one. They are very knowledgeable and two of the nicest people I’ve ever met! Second would have to be the brand new Planet Fitness on Spartanburg Highway right next to the new Ingles store. At only $10 a month, it is a great value!”

Brian Woodward



“Asheville’s a vibrant community with people who like to take care of their health and enjoy all the places and programs offered here. My two favorites are the local YMCA and Asheville Community Yoga. ‘The Y’ has several locations in downtown, south, and north Asheville. There are programs for all ages and fitness levels (I LOVE my Hip Hop Fitness Class and Pilates) and they treat everyone equally. Asheville Community Yoga in Woodfin is a nonprofit center that is donation based and well supported by all. Yoga can be both intense and a great stress reducer, depending on the approach, but is always a welcome addition to any overall workout. Join me any time and Let’s Get Healthy!!”

Evelyn Zebro


“I spent nearly eight years teaching and guiding rock climbing, so I can say without question that I cannot think of another activity that uses truly all of your muscles and always leaves you walking away with a smile and a sense of truly learning something about yourself. On top of all the great outdoor climbs like Rumbling Bald and Looking Glass, we have two indoor gyms [around Biltmore Park] that will help a first timer learn the basics and a give you a solid foundation to begin outdoor climbing.”

Jim Davis




“I found that the Pump House located at 602 S Grove Street in Hendersonville has a great assortment of equipment in a clean, comfortable environment. During their business hours, someone is available to offer help or explanation if needed. They offer (and this was a big one for me) ‘round-the-clock access using a coded entry, so you don’t have to get there before 5 or 6 pm and you can go on the weekends. They also offer numerous classes each week that are fun. And, best of all, their prices are generally ‘affordable’. Be fit!”

Elizabeth Adkins


Christie Melear“My favorite workout is taking a hike with my dog to the top of Bearwallow Mountain. It gives me a fresh outlook and a beautiful view. My dog, Rose, loves it too—it’s a great way to start the New Year! Carolina Mountain Land Conservancy has created a hiking trail through this beautiful conserved property along with several other hiking trails in the Hickory Nut Gorge south of Fairview.”

Christie Melear



“I love HEW: Hard Exercise Works. In South Asheville, it is a very fast-growing gym. What I love most is that every day is a different workout. There are no machines, only free weights. The coaches are dedicated to each client’s wellbeing. Even after my full knee replacement, I was back in the gym a week later. The coaches gave me a modification for each movement that I could handle while recovering. The first visit is free, so everyone should give it a try. Each month, there is a hashtag for a great cause that the gym donates money to for every check in. They also collect items in the gym for local disbursement. Overall: Great community feeling while getting a tremendous workout.”

Diane Duermit


“I’ve been an active and devoted member of Blue Ridge Crossfit for more than three years. I can’t praise the coach’s dedication to correct movement and training enough. Having said that, working out is more than a daily commitment to yourself; it’s a bond shared with your tribe and a will and drive to succeed no matter what your ability level. This group of members is inspiring and have become a second family to me over the years. It’s an experience worth your time.”

Brandie D. Huffman



There were many more agent responses to today’s blog post. Contact your Beverly-Hanks agent today to hear how they prefer to stay fit and healthy.


Photos by Jim Davis and Brandie D. Huffman


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