Agents Answer: Who Helps You Stay Healthy in WNC?

Our agents and staff are big promoters of healthy living, and they’re happy to share their experiences with you.
Diana Brock (left)

There’s no question in our mind that Western North Carolina is a great place to Live the Life You Choose! From the creative arts to outdoor sports, the region allows people of all interests to dive into the lifestyle of their choice.

But what good are these amazing opportunities if you don’t have the health to enjoy them? Since its beginnings, the Asheville area has also been a wellness destination, attracting people locally and from afar to improve their vitality and longevity. As a result, today Asheville has more doctors per capita than most cities our size.

Our area’s health care professionals work hard to help residents stay healthy and active. But with so many choices available, how do you know how to find the right practitioner for you? Luckily, our agents and staff are big promoters of healthy living, and they’re happy to share their experiences with you.

We asked them: Who helps you live healthy in WNC?

To rely on the doctor for your health is putting the pyramid upside down. Western North Carolina’s climate, culture, and outdoor living are what enhance our health. Physical activity aids in lowering cholesterol, increases dopamine, and gives a better overall feeling of wellbeing. Doctors are there for us to overcome those issues that we cannot prevent. And Western North Carolina has a great medical community to rely upon.

Don Bell

When it comes to chiropractors, above and beyond hardly begins to describe how amazing Dr. Amber Greer at Rejuvant Chiropractic is. My wife, Morgan, has struggled with back problems for years, and Amber not only digs to find the root of the problem, she gives us solutions. Fortunately, thanks to a team of doctors at Laurel OB-GYN and Dr. Greer’s hard work, they were able to diagnose and treat the cause of her back pain with a minor procedure. Dr. Greer has texted to check on her almost daily. I always walk out of her office feeling exceptionally better than I did walking in. All that said, if you are in the need of a good chiropractor, Dr. Greer will not disappoint. —Bre Powers

As a veteran, I find it very important that the Charles George VA Medical Center is one of the number one VA hospitals in the United States of America. As a six year cancer survivor, I can vouch for the VA 100%. The care that I received was above and beyond. I’m sure veterans thinking about moving to this area would find that comforting.

Michael Lewis

At the young age of 53, I received a hip replacement this year. Not only did I receive the latest in technology, but my physical therapy, at-home health care, and the hospital experience have all been a blessing in my experience. I also have two aging parents who receive excellent health care and are thriving.

Diane Morris

Sara Mills with The Acupuncture Center of Asheville is someone I can’t recommend enough! She has trained extensively in her field and has a calming and comforting presence if you are looking for acupuncture or alternative medicines.

Anne Louise Bouchard

My doctor, Gus Vickery of Vickery Family Medicine, recently wrote a great book called Authentic Health, which is a great mix of plain language science-based information and Asheville-esque mindfulness and intentionality, all brought together to help you make better decisions about your life and health.

Brian Turner

Asheville Orthopedics and Dr. Marc Haro completely took care of me when I broke my ankle. The scooter helped a lot, also!

Diana Brock

Mark Lenderman of the Family Health Centers is fabulous. He spots things before they become a major problem, is very good with preventative care, and is open to new and less invasive measures. Jim Biddle of Asheville Integrative Medicine is always up to date on the latest medical discoveries and favors a very natural approach. Both doctors have my highest recommendation.

Cheryl MacPhail

WNC is a great place to Live the Life You Choose WHILE focusing on living the healthiest lifestyle you can due to the great number of physicians who are attracted to the beauty and splendor of the Blue Ridge Mountains. This creates a benefit for residents of all counties in the WNC mountains. The wealth of knowledge and experience provided by the great family of physicians serves and will serve medical needs as families work and play and dream here in the mountains.

Susan Hooper


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