Agents Answer: Where is the Best Street to See Holiday Lights?

Is there anything that inspires the holly, jolly spirit of the season more than holiday lights?

Whether the greens and reds jazz you up for gift giving or the classic white lights make you reflect on your blessings for the year, there’s just something special about a tree of lights. And with nightfall coming so early in the evening, many of us depend on our neighbor’s seasonal lights and decorations to guide us home to our own.

Western North Carolina may not have any transformer-blowing “Christmas light fights”, but there are many main streets and neighborhoods in which you can get your light fix. If your neighborhood isn’t very walkable and you want somewhere more lit up to take your little holiday elves, our Beverly-Hanks agents are here to help.

We asked them: Where are the best places in WNC to see holiday lights?

Agents Answer: Where is the Best Street to See Holiday Lights in WNC?

“Main Street in Hendersonville is a street of lights. The trees and other decorations are wonderful.”

Paula Campbell






“I am relatively new to the Asheville area and live in Enka. My fiance and I enjoy driving through Biltmore Lake to see their lights and decorations. In Enka Village, our little neighborhood of 100 homes takes pride in decorating, as well—and we even have a contest. Try to visit both, as we are neighbors.”

Cami Ferguson





“I love the Grove Park area! Kimberly Avenue has many beautiful old homes across the street from the Grove Park Inn and golf course that are lit up and sparkling for Christmas! The blend of textures and colors from the exteriors of the homes with the lights and decorations that have been put up make for an inspiring tour of the neighborhood.”

Margot Sutton




“Take a nighttime holiday drive down Hoopers Creek Road in Fletcher and see the floating house on top of Burney Mountain. Continue on down Hoopers Creek Road to see dozens of homes lit in the trees. Venture off into Addison Creek or The Cove @ Livingston Farms for lots of festive flare. Finally, do not forget to take a cruise on Walnut Crest Road and Running Briar Road in Livingston Farms for some real show stoppers.”

Desiree Blake



“I recommend Main Street in Saluda. If I don’t see you there, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy, HEALTHY New Year.”

Greaton Sellers







Photos by Desiree Blake.


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