Agents Answer: Where are Your Favorite Trick-or-Treating Neighborhoods?

Where are your favorite trick-or-treating neighborhoods in WNC for kids to have a safe and fun Halloween?
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Everyone has their own Halloween traditions. Some prefer to celebrate with fall festivals and hayrides. Others enjoy a spooky movie marathon and lawn decor that goes bump in the night.

But if you have children (or perhaps if you’re still a child at heart), trick-or-treating is the center of your fall holiday festivities.

Ghouls and goblins may not be real, but pedestrian safety is a legitimate concern. Unless you live in large established communities like Montford or Kenilworth in Asheville, trick-or-treating door to door could be hazardous. If your Western North Carolina neighborhood isn’t very walkable and you want somewhere safer to take your little princesses and superheroes, our Beverly-Hanks agents are here to help.

We asked them: Where are your favorite trick-or-treating neighborhoods in WNC for kids to have a safe and fun Halloween?

I recommend Treats on the Street on Main Street in Downtown Waynesville. All the shops are open and give out candy to the kids. It’s safe and fun!

Billie Green

Biltmore Park is in a league of its own. The police even shut down the streets, as there are so many kids that come from all over the county. 🙂

Gaia Goldman

In the Mount Carmel Acres subdivision near Erwin High School, people from all over rural northwest Buncombe County drive in and park their cars. They then get out, walk, and trick-or-treat with their children. The neighborhood “decorates” many homes with an extensive spooky Halloween theme. Lots of candy, fun, screams, and mostly cute children in their Halloween costumes. Much fun!

Pat Bryant

The town of Biltmore Forest cordons off two streets where all of the neighborhood kids come to trick-or-treat. When darkness falls, a mass of the ghosts and goblins run from house to house loading up their candy bags before the treats run out. Our cool mountain air plus the crackling leaves on the streets makes this night so fun for the kids and memorable for their parents.

Amy Fleming

Treat Street Carnival on Main Street in Downtown Hendersonville is the best trick-or-treat neighborhood in WNC! It’s an annual event where the streets are blocked off and the businesses and merchants on Main Street provide treats to hundreds of trick-or-treaters of all ages. Our Beverly-Hanks office participates every year. Not to be missed!

Karen Bosse

Our Beverly-Hanks Discovery Center located at 512 N. Main Street in Downtown Hendersonville will participate in the merchants’ Halloween Trick-or-Treat on Main Street. The event runs from 4:00–7:00PM on October 31 and provides a safe atmosphere for all. Stop by our Discovery Center for candy and show us your costume.

Sonny Iler

Head to Vermont Avenue in West Asheville! It is RIDDLED with costumed kids AND adults every year. We have good friends who live there, and they dress up and host for kids each year (they have none of their own) and have over 1,200 kids come by!

Marie Morris

Biltmore Park is hands down the best trick-or-treat neighborhood! Many of the homes have interactive decorations, the streets are filled with children and adults. The traffic is limited. It is a large outdoor Halloween party!

Diane Demetris-Duermit

Etowah Baptist Church does a great Fall Festival on October 31. It is “Trunk-or-Treat” style. There is no shortage of candy, food, and fellowship!

Dawn Clayton

Biltmore Park is always fabulous at Halloween. Streets are wide, and there are street lights, and houses are close by. We love seeing all the little ghosts and goblins come to our door.

Sara Duque

I absolutely adore Biltmore Park on Halloween. Growing up in a big city (and a few years in a condo), I craved the neighborhood trick-or-treat that I saw in the movies. Now we can stroll along the sidewalks and marvel at all the homes lighting our way through our candy haven in Asheville.

Elizabeth Schulte Roth

Trick-or-treating in Biltmore Park | Photo from Elizabeth Schulte Roth

Live in Your Favorite Trick-or-Treat Neighborhoods! 

Neighborhoods across the region offer many ways to Live Abundantly in WNC, no matter the season or holiday! Find a home near one of the great local trick-or-treat neighborhoods mentioned in this post.

Where is your favorite place to trick-or-treat? Let us know in the comments.

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