Agents Answer: Where are the Best Skinny Dipping Spots in WNC?

Western North Carolina abounds with natural enclaves offering opportunities for whatever outdoor activities appeal most to you. Birding, biking, hiking, rock climbing, ziplining—you can do it all within just a few minutes of town.

In the hot summer weather, it can be tempting after a long day outdoors to just strip all the way down and take a dip in one of our many rivers and lakes! So, why not give it a try?

Luckily, our agents are experts at finding the best spots around Western North Carolina—even for activities like this. We asked them: Where are the best skinny dipping spots in WNC?

Agents Answer: Where are the Best Skinny Dipping Spots in WNC?

Photo from Katie Ledford

Skinny dipping in any of our mountain streams is just one of my favorite pastimes in general.  One of my favorite spots, though, is in Davidson River across from Looking Glass Falls Trailhead*. It’s also hard to beat the peaceful hot tubs in Hot Springs. For my 40th birthday, I got together with several girlfriends and backpacked from Max Patch to Hot Springs, and we soaked for several hours in those healing natural refreshing waters.  

Amanda Hill




By divulging their location, that pretty much invites company to the naked party, doesn’t it?

Bobbi Holland






I love to swim in the lakes around Asheville. Last week, I jumped off the dock at Biltmore Lake for a post-run cool down—it was fantastic!

Katie Ledford






Jump in your car on a hot day with a picnic basket towards the Blue Ridge Parkway*. Leave your trunks on the bank at Skinny Dip Falls and jump off the rock into the cool deep pools. Go early, lest others peek. So, put together a plan and be on the sneak.  

Tom Green





There’s no place like home!

Diana Brock







Christie MelearThere won’t be good skinny dipping spots after everyone knows about them! 😎

Unless you are an exhibitionist… 🙈

Christie Melear





*Editor’s note: The Code of Federal Regulations, Section 2.34 (“Resource Protection, Public Use and Recreation”) can be used to regulate skinny dipping in national parks and on federal lands. Beverly-Hanks does not endorse breaking federal laws for the sake of NSFW selfies. Remove clothes with caution.




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