Let the Good Times Roll at Asheville Music Hall

Asheville Music Hall is a nationally-acclaimed destination for live entertainment.
Asheville Music Hall 10-year anniversary | Stephan Pruitt Photography

Along the hurried pace of Patton Avenue in downtown, the Asheville Music Hall has become a nationally-acclaimed bastion for live entertainment and spectacle over the course of its first ten years in operation.

“There are so many talented musicians and acts that not only play here, but also live here in Asheville, too,” said Brian Good, co-owner of the Asheville Music Hall. “And when you have a community like this that loves music this much—whether they’re a performer or concertgoer—then you’re going to fight hard to bring those national artists to our city.”

In 2019, Rolling Stone magazine touted Asheville as one of the hottest live music scenes in the country. And that accolade was no surprise when, on any given night, dozens of local, regional, and national groups take to the stage and get behind the microphone for a raucous crowd of enthusiastic music freaks.

“I’ve always been a live music lover. Growing up in Cleveland, Ohio, with that huge scene and the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, it’s part of who I am,” Good said. “And with my background in hospitality, I’ve always aimed to create an enjoyable experience within a space. The Music Hall lends itself to those moments of pure joy and happiness.”

With the Asheville Music Hall (capacity: 400) and its sister venue downstairs, The One Stop (capacity: 200), their bread and butter has always been a keen sense of booking groups that are about to break big. It’s about bringing soon-to-be household names into an intimate setting mere weeks or months before they graduate to larger venues and big arenas.

“We’ve been around long enough to have so many incredible relationships with the management companies and their bands we put onstage,” Good said. “And those key relationships lead to us getting the first crack at the next up-and-coming band to bring through Asheville.”

Amid the thousands of artists that have performed at the Asheville Music Hall, several groups in recent years have become marquee acts on the national circuit, including Billy Strings, Goose, and Marcus King.

“We’re the only music venue in the city that really allows you to grow as an artist. You bust your knuckles downstairs at The One Stop and then, when you’ve created a big enough draw, you move upstairs to the Music Hall,” Good said. “Seemingly every single night, there’s live music on both of our stages. It’s about bringing people together for the beauty of performance. Nobody puts on more live music in Asheville than we do.”

With a decade under its belt, the Asheville Music Hall continues to be a leader in the Asheville and greater Southern Appalachian music scene.

“A lot of businesses close before they even reach five years in operation. But we’ve been able to beat the odds. And I think a lot of that comes down to our ability to grow and shift with the times,” Good said. “We’re always looking ahead at what more we can do, and how we can improve on what we already have. It’s about making people feel welcomed and comfortable—for the artists and the audience.”

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