The AVL Lit Tour Makes Sure You Don’t Judge Asheville by Its Cover

The AVL Lit Tour Makes Sure You Don’t Judge Asheville by Its Cover

How much do you know about Asheville?

From ghost tours to beer tours and everything in between, there are many ways to dive into the city’s history, culture, and industry. You can tour the city by trolley, segway, and even pubcycle. But in our minds, there’s no better way to see Asheville than on foot.

There are nearly two dozen different walking tours of town, each offering its own depth of knowledge about a topic at hand. Asheville’s newest walking tour, however, offers an experience unlike others. The AVL Lit Tour is Asheville’s only multimedia tour designed exclusively for literary travelers.

What is the AVL Lit Tour?

The AVL Lit Tour is an interactive, bookish guide to Downtown Asheville designed for literary lovers of all types. The 90-minute tour covers more than 20 blocks and just as many authors—some famous, some not-so-famous.

Over the decades, Asheville has excited and incited many authors to pick up pens and scratch out brilliant work. This brand new tour offers a glimpse of some of the city’s widely known writing stars, best sellers, literary journeys, and yes, tragedies. Each tour debunks a few local literary myths and introduces a few new mysteries. Tour guests not only learn about each author through vivid stories and visuals, but hear many of their words and texts. The result is a deeper understanding of Asheville beyond its surface, bound in ink and paper.

Who and what are featured on the AVL Lit Tour?

The AVL Lit Tour is bursting with interesting anecdotes about local authors, literary locales, and the places around Asheville that have inspired a legion of books. Each one was carefully chosen to illustrate a deeper understanding of the city and its literary scene.

For instance, did you know that Downtown Asheville has retained its century-old character thanks to an author? It’s true! A number of prominent buildings would have been razed decades ago if not for the valiant efforts of one local writer.

Authors in Asheville have also been responsible for spearheading the green movement, breaking glass ceilings in medicine, and challenging norms within the book industry. Among the many authors covered on the tour, tour guests will learn about:

  • Wilma Dykeman
  • John Ehle
  • F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald
  • Ernest Hemingway
  • O. Henry
  • James Patterson
  • Carl Sandburg
  • Thomas Wolfe
  • and many more.

Learn more about the AVL Lit Tour!

Whether you’re interested in a passing glimpse of Asheville’s great authors or you want to dive deep into some of the area’s literary mysteries, the AVL Lit Tour is the only tour that helps you get lost…in a book.

Learn more and book your guided tour at Enter LOCALLOVE when booking for a 20% locals discount.


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