Beat the Heat This Summer in Asheville’s Splasheville

City Hall in AshevilleOne of the best things about the area we live in is the multitude of options for people to do that are free, fun, and outdoors. This is the latest and greatest addition: Splasheville in downtown Asheville, a fountain built to be played in right in city/county plaza. My family and I checked it out this weekend, and although the kids were the only ones to get wet, we all had a blast. It is such a brilliant addition to downtown, mostly because it brings together a large variety of people to the center of the city. The fountain is in a circular design and the water sprays up at various heights and at varying times, much to the delight of the people playing. If you don’t want to get wet, there are plenty of nice benches and a large green lawn where people were playing ball and running around.

Whether you are visiting our amazing area or are already lucky enough to call Western North Carolina home, you will find Splasheville a fun new way to beat the heat.