These 3 Questions will Help You Find the Best Agent to Sell Your Luxury Home

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2 Arboretum Road in Asheville | $9,750,000 | CLOSED in 3 months

Let’s pretend you’re the heirs of the magnificent Biltmore Estate and you’re interested in putting your private family home and surrounding land on the market. Or that your meticulously remodeled downtown condo has won top honors from HGTV and is now ready to win a buyer’s heart. There are probably a lot of goals around the sale of your home.

For one, you need to make sure you’re attracting the most qualified buyers for your luxury home, not just local lookiloos. Second, you know that luxury homes spend more time on the market than lower-priced homes. But that doesn’t mean that you’re interested in waiting years for the best buyer to find you.

You need a luxury real estate agent who understands the unique and challenging needs of your listing. 

In case you’re not already convinced, we lay out the reasons you need an experienced luxury REALTORⓇ for your high-end home sale below, as well as three questions you can ask to make sure you’ve found the right one.

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An experienced REALTORⓇ can help you sell your luxury home.

When listing a luxury home for sale, it’s paramount to have an effective REALTORⓇ in place as your advocate. Your professional real estate agent is your right-hand business associate throughout the home selling process. He or she can help you:

However, not all REALTORSⓇ are experienced or effective in selling luxury homes. It’s imperative to hire an agent who understands your particular property, how to market it, and how to capture the target buyer demographic. In Western North Carolina, it can be tricky to find the best agent for your high-end home.

52 Biltmore Avenue #402 in Asheville | $1,312,176 | CLOSED in 5 weeks

Hiring a real estate agent for a high-end property isn’t as straightforward in the mountains.

Industry types often refer to the luxury real estate market as the top 5–10% of homes in a marketplace. But this can be misleading in our region. At Beverly-Hanks, we often refer to luxury real estate as being homes valued at $1 million and up, but that rule of thumb can be misleading, as well.

Labeling a home as a luxury property depends more on how the home is appointed, the community in which the property is located, and how much land is included with the sale. Here, it is not uncommon to have a modest home sitting on 20–30 acres of beautiful mountain land, a newly renovated downtown condominium, or an exquisitely appointed executive home—all priced in the top 10% of the market. Each property is very special, but has little in common with the others. Successful transactions of these homes require different expertise for each.

The diverse housing stock of WNC requires that you hire an agent with first-hand knowledge of your property type and the strategies necessary to find well-qualified buyers. If your home is located in one of the more affluent communities close to town, then hire an agent who specializes in Downtown Asheville, Biltmore Forest, Biltmore Park, or the Grove Park area. Have a home located outside of town that includes a large tract of land? Select an agent who understands the nuances of mini-estates and farms.  

In short, not just any agent will do for a high-end home as spectacular and valuable as yours. 

Here are three important questions to ask in order to find the best agent to sell your luxury property:

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1. What is your experience with selling luxury homes?

The luxury home market is different than the greater real estate market. There are many nuances to communicating with potential buyers, both visually and in conversation. You want to hire an agent who understands those differences and who has apparent experience selling luxury properties.

Some additional follow-up questions can include:

  • Is luxury real estate your primary professional focus?
  • What real estate credentials or designations do you have?
  • Have you listed homes similar to mine in the past? How recently? How often?
  • What is your success rate in selling homes in this price range and community, particularly within the last year?
  • May I speak to past clients for referrals?
  • How many months of inventory are there currently in my neighborhood’s luxury market, and how long do you forecast before my home receives an acceptable offer?

Knowledge of the current sales pace and necessary list price should be readily explained and backed up with market data that supports the agent’s recommendations. The Beverly-Hanks Quarterly Market Report can be an excellent start to your discussion.

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2. What is your marketing plan for my home?

Every luxury home is different and the market fluctuates regularly. For that reason, it’s important to choose a REALTORⓇ who offers more than a canned marketing approach. From setting the price of your home to home staging and photography, your agent should be able to help you prepare before your home hits the market. From there, he or she should have an active approach to marketing your home to the best demographic.

Some additional follow-up questions can include:

  • How do I assess the value of my home in relation to the market and my neighborhood?
  • How familiar are you with home sales in my neighborhood?
  • What are comparable listings locally and regionally?
  • Is your brokerage strong in the market for luxury listings?
  • Does your marketing plan include digital media, video, and social media?
  • Do you have a plan that reaches buyers in other markets?

In Western North Carolina, many high-end buyers come from outside the region. So, a plan that includes social media and affiliations with global networks, like Leading Real Estate Companies of the WorldⓇ, can be instrumental to your success. Inquire about the size of the agent’s database of potential buyers and agents. If an agent does not have a deep network of potential buyers for your property type and location, then they may not be the right choice.

361 Rooster Cove Road in Brevard | $2,350,000 | CLOSED in 12 months

3. How strong are your communication skills?

This may not be a direct question to ask your potential agent, but the answer is vitally important for you to know. You will want an agent who is comfortable with a range of points of communications (from phone to email to social media) and who is quick to reply to questions you may have. More importantly, an agent’s communications skills do not only benefit you directly, but benefit you in the sale of your home, since they also speak to their sales skills and receptivity in replying to potential buyers’ agents.

Some additional follow-up questions can include:

  • Do you plan to co-list my home with another agent? If so, how long have you been working together?
  • Does your agency offer marketing or communications support?
  • How large is your email list/social media following/networking circle?
  • What is the best method of communication for you? And are you open to communicating in the way that works best for me?

On, you’re able to research each agent’s sales history by scrolling to the bottom of their professional profile page. There you can see their current listing inventory, as well as independent testimonials from past clients submitted through RealSatisfied. Many of these testimonials speak to the agent’s communications initiative.

173 Avery Creek Road in Arden | $4,950,000 | UNDER CONTRACT in 1 month

Beverly-Hanks can sell your luxury property.

For more than 45 years, Beverly-Hanks, REALTORSⓇ has been Western North Carolina’s luxury real estate market leader. We provide extensive national and international exposure through membership in exclusive real estate networks such as Luxury Portfolio InternationalⓇ. And as WNC’s largest independent real estate firm, we’re solely focused on the real estate markets unique to our area. Our professional real estate agents specialize in respective neighborhoods and price ranges to make it easy for you to find a broker who fits your needs.

What’s more, your agent isn’t working alone. We know that even our most successful agents need support to execute a successful sale in today’s complex market. To meet that need, we created the Luxury Marketing Specialist Program. This program provides our luxury sellers with a personalized marketing plan designed specifically for the sale of their home. The package is delivered through the cooperation of your Beverly-Hanks agent and our experienced Luxury Marketing Specialist.

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Are you ready to list your luxury home for sale?

Our region is known for having a diverse range of properties for sale. This dynamic is nowhere more apparent than in higher-end and luxury real estate. Whether your property is an equestrian estate, a luxury condominium in downtown Asheville, or a spectacular mountain lodge, it’s essential to hire a real estate professional who understands the nuances of properties like yours.

Use the Beverly-Hanks Agent Match Tool to find a luxury REALTORⓇ who can best address your needs.

All real estate is local. In order to make confident real estate decisions, it’s important to have timely and neighborhood-specific information. Contact us today to speak with a Beverly-Hanks real estate agent about selling your luxury Western North Carolina home.

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