Best Real Estate Markets in the Country, Part IV: Asheville, North Carolina

Our very own Katherine Kaderabek was featured in an article on the “My Move” blog written by Kandy Harris. The article was the fourth part of a series dedicated to ferreting out the best real estate markets in the United States.

535538-11Harris writes, “We’ve discovered that there’s more to a great market than numbers pulled from a website. There’s the intangible vibe of a town, not to mention the quality of the schools, the job market and the cost of living. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter how fabulous the real estate market is; if the area isn’t appealing to buyers, they’ll buy elsewhere.

This brings us to Asheville, North Carolina. We found the city itself to be quite charming, with a thriving arts community, tons of outdoor recreational opportunities, and enough good food and culture to make it appealing to discerning big city-dwellers traveling from other states. The city’s biggest employers are in the health care industry and education, and there’s not much available in the way of jobs right now. In fact, Asheville seems great for a visit, but the lack of jobs may keep some folks away. However, if you don’t rely on the local job market for your income, you might do well in Asheville.”

Katherine offered the following thoughts on Asheville. “Well-priced homes are now getting multiple offers the minute they hit the market. Buyers seem to sense that with prices down and mortgage rates still very low now is definitely the time to buy,” Katherine explained. And the property taxes? “About $1 per every $100 of the assessed value in the city limits,” said Katherine, “and about two-thirds of that in the county.”

Check out the rest of the article including Katherine’s listing recommended by the writer, Kandy Harris. For more information about living in Asheville and why it is one the best real estate markets in the country, contact Katherine Kaderabek.