Explore the Blue Ridge Parkway, a Road Like No Other

Explore the Blue Ridge Parkway, a Road Like No Other


The Blue Ridge Parkway traverses Western North Carolina, enhancing the lives of residents and visitors alike. With 469 miles of scenic roadways, it provides the perfect venue for enjoying the Blue Ridge Mountains by bicycle, vehicle, or on foot. It’s no wonder it’s called America’s Favorite Drive!

“The Blue Ridge Parkway is America’s favorite drive because it’s a park,” says Jones. “It was designed by Stanley Abbott to be a park. The landscaping was not by accident. So, when you’re on the Parkway, you’re going through landscaped territory. You get off the Parkway and you can tell an immediate difference in the way things look.”

The Parkway was deliberately designed as a winding, scenic roadway. But it also offers many places to stop and enjoy the wonders of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

“People love to come here in the fall when the leaves change—there’s plenty of overlooks,” says Jones. “About 12 million people come here a year and bring their families. There’s hiking and there’s camping, there’s canoeing on Lake Julian, there’s crafts at the Folk Art Center and the Moses Cone Manor. So, there’s just a ton of stuff to see and do along the Parkway.”

Mount Mitchell is also accessible from the Parkway, as are many other notable landmarks. Mount Mitchell is the highest peak in eastern mainland North America at 6,684 feet in elevation. The steep changes in elevation offer unique opportunities to experience different weather patterns and ecosystems.

“Yes, the weather up here is quite unique,” says Bruce O’Connell of Pisgah Inn. “It’s a big difference from Asheville to Pisgah Inn. When you drive along the Parkway, you change your elevation by about 3,000 feet. Our climate here is more like southern Canada. The difference in temperature could be 15 degrees cooler than it is in Asheville.”

The temperatures, the fall colors, the abundance of nature and recreation. Locals enjoy the Parkway year round, as long as it is accessible. And visitors flock to its curves from all over the world.

“They come from Europe, they come from Asia, they come from South America,” says O’Connell. “We also have guests that drive up from the local areas like Asheville, Waynesville, and Brevard just to have a meal with us. People come up here just to travel on the Parkway and just to see the sights.”

“It’s like Main Street through our region.”


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