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photoblogpostHeath Cowart who works in Western North Carolina sent me this example of a life style video project that he recently did for Beverly Hanks and Associates, a large broker in his area. Notice that the Beverly Hanks website from page has a 3:50 clip from Heath’s complete 16 min live style video.

Heath points out that this broker is actually helping their agents create and script videos. Heath says:

“This brokerage has in house script support that is helping brokers break out of the virtual tour mindset and embrace more of a real estate commercial style video. I have actually had several meetings and lots of discussions with their marketing dept on how to create a system that brokers can use to create great scripts and ideas. Once the agent creates a script using our system it goes back to the marketing dept for refinement then to me so we can set up a date. This saves me time and keeps the quality high. The brokerage splits the cost of the video with the broker.”

I think wider acceptance of video by brokers is inevitable. Anyone trained in marketing will recognize the strengths and importance of professional video ads. I believe if you just get your  top quality video work out there so it is seen the marketing savvy people in large brokerages will recognize the benefits and be your biggest advocate.

We are thrilled to be identified as an innovative real estate broker utilizing all of the marketing tools available to market our seller’s properties to the greater Asheville, Hendersonville, and Waynesville regions. Watch for even more video marketing initiatives in 2012.

Michael Phelan
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