How Cleaning Helps You Burn Calories

Learn how household tasks help you burn calories.

We all need to work out and stay active to stay healthy. However, due to the busy and hectic schedules we all have at home and work, you may not find adequate time to visit the gym. Luckily, many household chores can also make for effective workout routines. Below are some of the tasks you can easily incorporate into your workout routine.

Flex Your Culinary Muscles

Getting home from work exhausted often leads to purchasing snacks or fast food instead of preparing a meal. That in turn can cause unhealthy weight gain. However, making your dinner by peeling, chopping, kneading, and sautéing lets you prepare a healthy dinner that satisfies your taste buds, as well as helps you burn an average of 100 calories. 

Decluttering the House

Not only does decluttering help you get rid of junk, create more space in your home, and stay organized, but it is also an excellent workout practice. Try arranging your closet and kitchen cabinets, sorting out garbage, and packing up things you rarely use to make your home tidier. And burn about 240 calories in return.

Floors, Bathrooms, and Windows

Mopping, sweeping, and vacuuming floors and scrubbing the bathtub and sink are excellent workouts for your lower and upper body. Cleaning your floor can burn an average of 156 calories an hour while vacuuming burns about 387 calories in a week. Scrubbing your floor and tub with a brush can tone your arms and burns an extra 31 calories. Dusting, scouring, and cleaning your windows is another simple way to work out, improving flexibility in your arms and shoulders while burning 231 calories each hour.

Get Moving Today!

Various household chores, including cleaning around the house, arranging groceries, cooking, doing laundry, and decluttering not only leave your home clean and organized, but also make for a great workout routine. Carrying garbage to your residential-friendly dumpster, sorting it into recyclable or non-recyclable material, and emptying the bins is another excellent way to tone arm muscles. 

Learn more about benefiting your health through household chores with this helpful infographic from Bin There Dump That.

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