Discover the Cultivated 2019 Colors of the Year

Where in the world do you want to go in 2019? From the high rises of the inner city to the desert’s solitude, the upcoming Colors of the Year were artfully chosen to transport you there. Color experts from a half dozen international paint companies have scoured the globe (figuratively, at least) to bring you […]

5 Home Accents that Will Make You “Fall” in Love

Autumn is a season of change and transition, when glaring summer afternoons collapse and are carried away by crisp, cool breezes. At once, you are compelled to enjoy the outdoors anew without the sticky weight of heat. And at the same time, the indoors beckon you to nest in your favorite spot, molding a surrounding […]

Save Money and Skip These 3 Home Updates

Every renter has something they can’t wait to do when they buy their first home. Maybe you are eager to paint your walls something other than “antique white.” Maybe you’ve always wanted a doggie door or a backyard fire pit. We hope you’re able to make your first home everything you’ve always wanted! But we […]

Is Your Garage Door Adding Too Much to the Power Bill?

When most people buy new garage doors with insulation, the assumption is that they will save on energy costs. Though all insulated garage doors may appear the same, upon closer inspection, you’ll see that some are better than others. Premium quality garage doors offer weather seals, while lower-end ones don’t—and that’s where the differences start. […]

5 Quick Tips for Easy Driveway Maintenance

When was the last time you took a good, hard look at your driveway? Even though both you and your guests encounter it every day, your driveway is one of the most overlooked aspects of your home’s curb appeal. Today may be a good day to walk outside and take note of any cracks, holes, […]

6 Ways to Avoid being Scammed on Home Repairs

Your home represents one of the largest financial investments you may make in your lifetime. It’s natural that you’d want to take care of that investment. But it’s also natural that when repairs need to be made, you’d want to make sure you’re getting a good service for your money. Home repair and home improvement […]

5 Cheap Ways to Make Your Home Look Expensive

There are people who are able to buy a brand new home and fill it with fancy, shiny new things. There are people who buy historic homes and fill them with nothing but priceless art and antiques. And then there’s the rest of us. If your dream home resides solidly in a dream world, there […]