Nonprofit Spotlight: Veterans Healing Farm

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Get Involved with Veterans Healing Farm

After serving our nation with honor, it’s reasonable for veterans to want to return home and start a new life of civilian service. Unfortunately, many veterans who leave the tightly-focused community of the military struggle with feelings of isolation after rejoining civilian life. The lack of tools, support networks, and resources available leads to alarmingly… Read more »

Nonprofit Spotlight: Blue Ridge Humane Society

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At Beverly-Hanks, we believe that everyone in our community should have the opportunity and means to Live the Life You Choose. That means our friends and neighbors, but that also includes pets, as well. Today, we shine a spotlight on a local organization working tirelessly to keep local animals safe and healthy until they find… Read more »

Nonprofit Spotlight: Toe River Arts Council

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It’s been proven time and time again that hands-on activities help people learn. Whether you’re eight or 80, making something with your hands teaches more than just the skill of the craft. Through arts education and support, the Toe River Arts Council works to help the locals and visitors of Yancey and Mitchell Counties Live… Read more »