Where Would You Live in WNC: City or Mountains?

Where Would You Live in WNC: City or Mountains?


There are many ways to Live the Life You Choose in Western North Carolina. In fact, that’s one of the reasons why our region is so popular!

If you feel at home with art and activity at your doorstep and mountain views off your balcony, then an urban lifestyle may be right for you. But if you appreciate having room to spread out, enjoy a quieter, slower pace of life, and want to nurture the land, then a rural lifestyle may be more your speed.

Find the right lifestyle for you. Check out what makes it so amazing to live in our Blue Ridge mountains and cities.

City Living in Western North Carolina

People who want to live in the heart of art and activity, with culture and convenience, find that Western North Carolina’s urban lifestyle delivers in a way that is uniquely its own. Towns across the region, like Hendersonville and Waynesville, have thriving main streets with plenty of housing within walking distance. But for “big city” living, nowhere in WNC is quite like Asheville.

Since it’s revitalization in the mid 1990s, Asheville has made a name for itself with its diverse culture and laid back lifestyle. Asheville’s thriving downtown is surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains, creating an environment like no other in the world. Asheville’s central business district features some of the best restaurants, art galleries, and music venues in the country. Those lucky enough to live in urban condominiums are just a few steps from all downtown has to offer and short drive to world-class outdoor activities.

“There’s no easier way to live,” says Scott Mills, one downtown resident. “You get to know your neighbors as you’re walking around downtown, you get to know the staff, you get to know the employees and the owners of these businesses, and it really makes you a part of Asheville. You really feel like you’ve become attached and involved in the city life. And it’s amazing.”

See for yourself what city living is like in WNC:


Mountain Living in Western North Carolina

Of the many different ways to live in WNC, the rural mountain lifestyle is uniquely woven into our history. Our neighbors who enjoy the rural lifestyle would tell you that it means room to spread out, to create their own space and way of living, and to live in a way that has been valued for hundreds of years. What’s more authentic to Appalachian history than that?

Rural lifestyles also offer unparalleled opportunities for connection with nature, stewardship of the land, and living a self-reliant, outdoor lifestyle. There’s plenty of space in the WNC mountains for raising horses, raising gardens, or just raising yourself to the peace and quiet every morning. Land owners are happy to share their property with deer, turkeys, and other local wildlife. These creatures are common visitors, but rarely ever a bother.

“It’s very important for us to see that our children grow up in the way in life we did,” says Billy Taylor, who lives the rural mountain lifestyle. “Flipping rocks over in the creek, finding a salamander, getting up in the top of a tree and looking down or up to see what’s there. Just getting back to the old way of life, away from the video games and the TV.”

See for yourself what mountain living is like in WNC:


Live the Life You Choose in WNC

Urban or rural—All real estate is local. In order to make confident real estate decisions, we believe it is important for you to have timely and neighborhood-specific information. If you would like more information about the lifestyles available in WNC, our experts at Beverly-Hanks are here to help.

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