3 Important Things to Remember if You Want a Waterfront Home

Oh, the sounds of a gurgling creek. The peaceful views overlooking the lake….

Western North Carolina may be a mountainous region. But one of the greatest things about living here is the variety of properties on or very near the water. From private creeks and ponds to major rivers and navigable lakes, you have your pick of waterfront lifestyles. Just thinking about the sound of rushing water within steps of the door makes us want to grab our sunscreen and head outside!

Waterfront homes in the mountains certainly offer unique benefits to homeowners. But they have their share of challenges, as well. Here are three important things to remember if you’re buying a waterfront home in WNC.

Seasonal vs. Year-Round Living

Are you looking for a year-round waterfront home near Lake Lure in Rutherford County, Lake Junaluska near Waynesville, or Lake Summit in Hendersonville? Many homes in areas like these were built to function exclusively as summer homes. In many cases, that means they do not have the mechanical systems (e.g., plumbing, heating, septic, etc.) for year-round living. If you are buying your waterfront home to live in year round, it’s very important to make sure you can use it as a permanent residence.

Your Beverly-Hanks REALTORⓇ can help you confirm the systems in your dream home and make sure it provides the lifestyle you need.

Home Inspections for Damp, Rot, and Termites

The great thing about living on the lake is the amount of water that’s around. The bad thing about living on the lake is the amount of water that’s around. That’s why it’s important to regularly check waterfront homes for dampness and rot. Termite inspections should also be conducted annually. To help prevent moisture from entering the home, gutters, vents, and chimneys—as well as the dock—should be cleaned regularly. Heating and cooling systems should be monitored closely and inspected at least twice a year.

Not sure whether the home you’re buying has been kept up properly? Your Beverly-Hanks REALTORⓇ can help you check with the sellers about their history of maintenance and inspections.

Flood Insurance

Flood insurance is something you need only if you live within 20 miles of the coast, right? Nope. If you live in close proximity to any significant water source, you may need flood insurance in addition to a regular homeowners policy. That goes for homes alongside mountain lakes and rivers, and even some in floodplains within city limits. In fact, a mortgage lender will REQUIRE flood insurance should the home be in a flood zone.

Not sure how close your home is to a floodplain? Don’t get caught off guard by your loan officer. Your Beverly-Hanks REALTORⓇ can help you check the North Carolina Flood Risk Information System flood maps before you make an offer.

Ready to Find the Waterfront Mountain Home of Your Dreams?

All real estate is local. In order to make confident real estate decisions, we believe it is important for you to have timely and neighborhood-specific information. If you would like more information about buying a home on the water, our experts at Beverly-Hanks are here to help. Contact us today to speak with a Beverly-Hanks real estate agent about buying homes and land in Western North Carolina.

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  1. I always told that I should only get flood insurance if I live within 20 miles of water so thank you for explaining why that is a lie. Maybe I can get some insurance for the house I am looking at. It is within 50 miles of the ocean so hopefully I can get some decent flood insurance coverage.

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