3 Ways We can Help You with a Smooth and Easy Corporate Relocation

Here are 3 ways Beverly-Hanks Relocation can help make your corporate transfer as smooth and easy as possible.
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Asheville made its mark in the 19th century as a relaxing mountain retreat. Today, Asheville and surrounding Western North Carolina are a world-class destination for arts, entrepreneurship, and quality living. Our region’s business growth and development is sustained by steady innovation in advanced manufacturing, arts and culture, healthcare, science and technology, and knowledge-based entrepreneurship.

If your company is interested in relocating your operations to WNC, we support your smart decision! Here are just three of the many ways Beverly-Hanks Relocation can help make your corporate transfer as smooth and easy as possible for your business and employees.

Developing a Corporate Relocation Policy

One of the key factors in reducing the stress of a corporate transfer is having a specific and concrete relocation policy. Beverly-Hanks Relocation can help you review your current relocation policy and make suggestions for revisions to fit the specific needs of this move.

No company is too small for a relocation policy or for a structured relocation program. If your company does not have a formal relocation policy, we’ll work one-on-one with you to develop one. We make sure it’s appropriate for the volume of relocation activity your company sees on an annual basis. This company-specific policy would include all facets of relocation, including managing the costs and transportation of household goods. We also help you identify the appropriate professionals to help your employees sell their current home and find a new residence at their destination.

The final relocation policy we craft could be one for the entire company, or tiered for different levels of relocating employees.

Counseling Anxious Transferees

It’s natural for even the most dedicated employees to be anxious about moving to a new community. To help with this transition, we assign a dedicated relocation counselor to each of your employees. The level of quality, one-on-one contact between our staff and your transferring employees is what sets Beverly-Hanks Relocation apart.

Our relocation staff have themselves relocated at least once before and empathize with all aspects of the move. Between personal experience and the experience of moving hundreds of people over the years, there is seldom a situation your transferring employees may encounter that we have not already faced. We’re here to put their minds at ease.

Distributing Detailed Relocation Packets

There are a lot of amazing things to learn about Asheville and WNC. Beverly-Hanks Relocation provides customized relocation packets to each relocating employee with information about the area to which they are moving. For example, if the employee is moving to the greater Asheville area, information is provided on the entire area.

A Beverly-Hanks Welcome magazine is also sent to the employee. This 128-page newcomer’s guide, available only at Beverly-Hanks, features a variety of information on the area. Readers are introduced to local schools (public and private), colleges and universities, healthcare facilities, restaurants and entertainment venues, golf courses, and area employers for trailing spouses. It also includes tax information, how and where to get a driver’s license, attractions in each WNC county, and special events happening throughout the year.

For moves out of the region, similar information is provided for any area to which an employee is transferring nationwide. A cost-of-living analysis is also available for each move, which outlines cost differentials between the city of origination and destination. With all this knowledge at hand, employees will feel like locals as soon as they arrive at their destination.

Ready to Make Your Move?

Moving can be an exciting and stress-free process when working with the trained professionals at Beverly-Hanks, REALTORS®. 

In addition to all of the above, Beverly-Hanks Relocation can provide a structured transfer program that includes either the Buyers Value Option or Amended Value Option for employee home sale buy-out programs. These programs offer some substantial tax benefits. More importantly, your company can utilize the benefits of our third-party services while transferring executives anywhere in the United States. 

We’re ready to manage your move from start to finish. Benefit from our experience. Contact Beverly-Hanks Relocation today.


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