Coworking Spaces are Gaining Ground in Asheville

Gone are the days of internet cafes, where burgeoning screenwriters would sit for hours deliberating over their craft. Sure, there are still many who frequent their local coffee shops and type lazily over their mocha latte on a Tuesday afternoon. But for serious microenterprise owners and aspiring freelance creatives trying to grow their businesses effectively, coworking spaces are growing in popularity.

Unless you are in need of such a location, you may be somewhat unfamiliar with the purpose behind coworking spaces. Imagine you’re a professional grant writer who isn’t tied to one specific nonprofit. Or you’re a podcaster who needs a neutral, quiet space to interview guests and run your show. Or you have an at-home website development business, but you need somewhere to meet potential clients with at-home companies of their own. For entrepreneurs in situations like these, it’s uneconomical to lease your own 2,000-square-foot office space, but it’s also a burden to steal free wifi every day from Atlanta Bread’s overtaxed connection.

Coworking spaces fill that gap between working freelance from home and working full time in an office.

And that’s not all they do. Coworking spaces, where you can often rent a desk by the month or a conference room by the hour, offer wonderful opportunities for collaboration and resource sharing. Internet connections are reliable, coffee consumption is optional, and deskmates could work on wildly different projects from one another. Some spaces even focus on niche fields, like web development or visual art, and offer additional relevant equipment or resources with their memberships. Others offer regular business workshops to their members and the community.

Locally, Asheville coworking spaces serve a vital role to the region’s many small business owners. Coworking spaces have been growing quietly, but steadily over the last few years. Today, we have eight coworking spaces within city limits either in operation or in development. If you think your microenterprise would benefit from a reliable work space, check out these coworking facilities in Asheville:

AVL Coworking

726 Haywood Road

Asheville, NC 28806

Base Camp AVL

56 Ravenscroft Drive

Asheville, NC, 28801

The Collider

1 Haywood Street, Suite 401

Asheville, NC 28801


45 S French Broad Avenue

Asheville, NC 28801

In development: Read the announcement

The Hive AVL/Center for Creative Entrepreneurship

67 Broadway Street

Asheville, NC 28801

Mojo Coworking

60 N Market Street

Asheville, NC 28801

The RAMP (River Arts Maker Place)

Riverside Drive

Asheville, NC 28801

In development: Read the announcement

Refinery Creative Space

207 Coxe Avenue

Asheville, NC 28801





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