Fall is about change: update your master bath on a budget

dream-master-bathSoft light, soothing warm in an oversized tub, your muscles slowly start to relax. It’s not hard to see the benefit of a luxurious master bath. But most of us can’t afford to go all out on such a small room.

After the kitchen, the bathroom is the second most expensive room to remodel. And although the bathroom can cost thousands of dollars to remodel, it doesn’t have to. If the sky’s not the limit, you still have some great options to makeover your master bath for under $500.

master-bathGive the bathroom a quick overall makeover (from Homes.yahoo.com)

A facelift is the most inexpensive type of bathroom makeover. For less than $500, you can paint the walls and replace hardware, curtains, rugs and accessories. Choose your inspiration piece–something of interest. Often, this is a new shower curtain with an interesting pattern, but it can be anything you like.

Now choose a color you see in this item. Buy your accent pieces in this color; for example, get a chocolate brown bath mat and matching curtains for the window. Choose another color for your wall paint. Decorate the entire bathroom around your chosen color scheme. Keep in mind that the inspiration piece you choose should complement your permanent bathroom decor (the cabinetry, flooring, fixtures). Doing so will help ensure that your new bathroom decor works together.

Update the fixtures and accessories (Homes.yahoo.com)

Hardware, faucets and light fixtures can easily be updated for $500 or less. Replace the shower head with a more efficient one. A new light fixture or sink faucet can be updated for a more modern look. Choose cabinet hardware (handles, knobs, hinges) in a different finish for a brand-new look. Before you go shopping, measure the distance between screw holes so you don’t buy handles in the wrong size.

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