3 Quick Ways to Update Your Bathroom on a Budget

Here are three quick ways to update your bathroom on a budget.
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Soft light filters into the room. Your body sinks into the soothing warmth of an oversized tub. Your muscles slowly start to relax. 

It’s not hard to see the many benefits of a luxurious master bathroom. It’s where you prepare for your morning ahead, and it’s where you literally wash off the troubles of the evening. But most of us can’t afford to go all out on such a small room.

After the kitchen, the bathroom is traditionally the second most expensive room to renovate. A full remodel can cost thousands of dollars from the freshly painted ceilings to newly tiled floors. But you don’t have to spend that much to feel like you’re in a new space. For a fraction of that budget, there are still many great ways to give your master bathroom a significant facelift. 

Fall is about change. Bring a little to the most neglected room of your home. Here are three quick ways to update your bathroom on a budget.

1. Start with Your Focal Point

Instead of renovating your bathroom and then finding pieces to match, start with a different point of inspiration: A focal piece. Often, this is a new shower curtain with an interesting pattern, but it can be anything you like. Choose an attractive rug, piece of wall art, or soap dish. That will be your focal piece. Now, choose a color you see in this item, and buy or arrange your other accent pieces to match. For example, let’s say your favorite succulent planter is nickel and navy blue. Look for new Turkish cotton bath mats in navy, and plan to update your fixtures in nickel to match.

2. Paint the Walls

Once you have your focal piece, you’re ready to decorate the entire bathroom around your chosen color scheme. It’s time to buy some paint! We recommend finding hues that complement both your focal accessory and any permanent features you’re retaining, such as cabinets, tiles, and flooring. Doing so will help ensure that your new bathroom decor works together. In keeping with the above example, a nice periwinkle or lavender will make the navy accents pop while complementing existing subway tiles and keeping the room light and bright. 

3. Update the Fixtures and Final Accessories

Hardware, faucets, and light fixtures can easily be updated for only a few hundred dollars. You can replace the old shower head with a more efficient one. An outdated light fixture or sink faucet can be updated for a more modern look. Choose cabinet hardware (handles, knobs, and hinges) in a different finish for a brand-new look. We may stick with nickel for our example design. 

Pro tip: Before you go shopping, measure the distance between the existing screw holes in your cabinetry. This will keep you from buying handles in the wrong size.

Before you know it, you will fall in love with your brand new master bathroom!

What do you think of these suggestions? Let us know if this inspired your own bathroom model in the comments below!