Hit the Trails and Explore WNC

Some of our favorite hikes are worth remembering this time of year, when the temperature is just about perfect outside, the last of the pollen has washed away and our souls are begging for a  refreshing spring jaunt in the woods.


What an absolute enclave we are for hikes of all levels of difficulty, each bringing its own special flavor.

One short but real gem is Pearson’s Falls, an exquisitely beautiful hike in a peaceful glen. The quarter-mile Glen Trail takes hikers past the 90-foot Pearson’s Falls and through a native wildflower garden with plants of remarkable diversity, including over 200 ferns, flowering plants, algae, and mosses.Pearson’s Falls is located just off Route 176, four miles north of Tryon or three miles south of Saluda. Look for signs to the Falls.

A wonderful compilation of hikes can be found at blueridgeheritage.com, the official site of the Blue Ridge National Heritage Area.

Also, check out the BHTV episode on Hiking for some beautiful scenery and more about the incredible resources in our area.