5 Easy and Affordable Holiday Staging Tips Inspired by Christmas Songs

Everyone we’ve ever talked to has had pretty strong feelings about Christmas songs. Even the casual mention of them is enough to bring bright smiles to some and grinchy frowns to others.

But did you know that Christmas songs can help you stage your home during the holiday season? Best of all, these five holiday staging tips are easy and affordable. That means you can focus on what matters most: spending Christmas with your loved ones and getting an offer before New Year’s! Check them out:

There’s No Place Like Home for the Holidays
Photo by Robert Peterson, Rustic White Photography

There’s No Place Like Home for the Holidays

When staging your home, no matter what time of year, the focus should be on your home itself and not the decor. Especially at the holidays, keeping things simple is important. Remember, between hosting potential buyers and hosting holiday guests, your house is going to feel crowded as it is. Get ahead of things by clearing all clutter and putting away personal photos and family mementos. And instead of moving in crates of decorations that take over the space, focus on a few key pieces that complement your existing decor instead of clashing with it.

Baby, It’s Cold Outside
Photo by Rennai Hoefer @ten22 studio | Rennai Hoefer 2014

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Coziness is name of the game during the holidays and throughout the winter season! Focus your staging around functional items that add extra hygge to your home. Chunky knit, wool, or fleece throw blankets can be easily layered and strategically placed in the living room and bedrooms. Candles and candlesticks create instant ambiance and balance the light of a warm fire framed by cozy stockings. And don’t forget to have a clean coat rack ready to capture coats, hats, and scarves as guests enter your inviting home.

I’ll Have a Blue Christmas

Between the tree lights, wrapping paper patterns, a lifetime’s worth of ornaments, and embroidered or bedazzled stockings, your holiday home could be a kaleidoscope of competing colors and patterns. That’s stressful to an eye that’s unfamiliar with the everyday bones of your space! This year, consider a monochromatic theme for your decor. A blue Christmas (or white Christmas, or green Christmas, or gold Christmas) looks classy and well planned, even with just a few items on display.

Let it Snow! Let is Snow! Let it Snow!
Photo by Sam Henderson

Let it Snow!

Faux snow is the biggest trend in holiday decor this year. Just the right amount makes your home look like a festive winter wonderland! And best of all, a little can go a long way. Use it to soften your bold Christmas blues or add a little whimsy to traditional or modern decor. Best of all, snow suits the whole season! So, you can leave these dusted decorations up through New Year’s and into 2019.

All I Want for Christmas is You
Photo by Aniko Levai

All I Want for Christmas is You

The holidays are about connecting with the people closest to you. When staging your home, remember the true reason for the season. If you can’t help but go all out on your decorations, focus your energies on table settings. It’s fine for a well set table to look a little busier than the rest of the house. Plus, it’s a good place to tie some of your other decor together. For an extra frugal (and easy to clean!) tip, use wrapping paper with a simple pattern as the runner for the table. What’s left can be used to wrap this year’s gifts!

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