3 Spots Where Outdoor Lighting Will Improve Your Home and Your Life

Here are three places where outdoor lighting will improve your life and the value of your home.
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One of the best things about living in Western North Carolina is how close we are to nature, any time of the day. Many local homes offer stunning views of the Blue Ridge Mountains by day and incredible starscapes by night. However, with no streetlights in sight, it can sometimes be difficult to navigate our own properties and enjoy all they have to offer after the sun sets.

Here are three places where outdoor lighting will improve your life and, ultimately, the value of your home.

Light up Your Front Door and Walkways

We’ve all struggled to insert a house key into a locked door in the dark. Or tripped going up the stairs while balancing several cumbersome bags of groceries in our arms. Adding lights along the walkways to your front door makes your home feel more welcoming. But more than that, it’s a great safety measure for you and your guests. Putting your lights on a timer or sensor will ensure no one ever has to fumble in the dark for a switch. Flood lights or lanterns are also a great way to brighten the front door—literally and in terms of curb appeal. 

Light up Your Back Porch

There’s a certain magic to enjoying the busy sounds of a mountain evening from your back porch. Crickets are chirping, leaves are gently rustling in the breeze. And though largely silent, fireflies flicker on and off, beckoning you to pour a drink and join them. There are any number of ways to enhance the ambiance of the evening with a little intentional lighting. Light a simple citronella candle, string up a strand of lights around your railings, or enjoy the warm glow of an outdoor fireplace. Netflix will just have to wait.

Light up Your Back Yard

Our new lives of social distancing mean that more family activities and social gatherings are taking place on back patios and in back yards. As the days begin to shorten, use lighting to help extend the fun. You can install solar-powered path lights around patios or yard perimeters without having to do any digging or wiring. There’s no difference in brightness or features compared to battery-operated options, and now, you can control your smart lights with your smartphone! Let them charge throughout the day and turn them on at night using your iOS or Android device. 

Are You Ready to Light up Your Home’s Outdoor Spaces?

Get the magic of twilight anytime you like with outdoor lighting for your home!

In addition to showing off your lawn and garden at night, outdoor lights keep everyone in your home safe from tripping, and they deter burglars. A typical installation of a standard 600w transformer and 20 LED lights, such as you would install along walkways, costs around $5,000. But importantly, you can expect to recover 50% of that value once you’re ready to sell your home. In the meantime, the outdoor lighting will increase visibility, improve curb appeal, and help you enjoy your yard anytime of the day.

Do you have lighting installed in these three outdoor areas of your home? Let us know how much you enjoy them in the comments.

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