Can You Increase Your Home Value by Adding a Pool?

Can You Increase Your Home Value by Adding a Pool?

Temperatures are ready to approach summer highs—maybe even record highs again this year. On days when just moving through the house causes a sweat mustache, you’re probably thinking that a swimming pool could be the answer to staving off a household mutiny. And wouldn’t it be nice to pour a tall, cold drink and just sit by your own pool all day?

Ahhh. That’s the dream!

But will adding a swimming pool increase the value of your home? The answer might surprise you.

How Many WNC Homes Have Swimming Pools?

Perhaps unsurprisingly, there aren’t as many swimming pools among Western North Carolina mountain homes as there are in other parts of the country. Of the 12,765 active home listings in our regional Multiple Listing Service (MLS), 157 homes have swimming pools. That’s only 1.2%.

On the one hand, that demonstrates that not many local homes have pools compared to, say, communities in Fort Lauderdale or Southern California. Or perhaps even Charlotte. On the other hand, with so few options from which to choose, any home buyers looking for homes with pools will consider it a strong selling point. Perhaps one reason why there are so few listings with pools is because they attract buyers more quickly.

In any case, whether or not your home is more attractive because of the swimming pool doesn’t tell you whether you’ll get more for it. So…

Do Swimming Pools Increase Home Values?

In-ground pools can cost anywhere from $30,000 to more than $100,000 to install. That’s a significant amount of money to try to recoup when a house is sold! Add that to your maintenance costs during your tenure with it, and any increase in home value (which is negligible in our region) will be quickly overshadowed.

As a whole, home buyers see swimming pools as nice to enjoy but a hassle to own. In addition to being expensive to maintain, many buyers—especially those with small children—consider them to be a potential danger. While there’s certainly a market for people who want a swimming pool as much as you, there’s just as many people, if not more, who don’t want one.

Bottom line: Put a swimming pool in for your pleasure, but know that it’s unlikely to add significant value to your home and might even make it harder to sell.

What Home Improvements do Add Value to Your Home?

So, maybe a swimming pool isn’t your best investment. But there are certainly many ways to quickly add value to your home.

Outside, it’s easy to add curb appeal with fresh landscaping or hardscaping, as well as by cleaning up the exterior of your home. Inside, basic changes to walls and ceilings, or moderate updates to kitchens and bathrooms, can make a big difference on a modest budget. Green updates are especially in vogue. Even something like getting a home inspection before you put your home on the market and addressing any issues up front can help save you money in your sale.

Read more: 10 Simple Home Improvements that Add Value to Your Home (And 4 that do Not).


Did this post help you decide whether to invest or not in that sweet in-ground pool? If you still have questions, our Beverly-Hanks professionals are here to help. Contact us today to request a copy of our Beverly-Hanks Seller’s Guide, which offers unsurpassed local knowledge for WNC home sellers.


Home pictured above: 32 Ramble Way in Asheville (MLS# 3272083)



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