What’s the Best Thing about Living in Lake Lure?

The Town of Lake Lure has a unique and storied history.

Waterfront mountain real estate is something rare indeed. In the mountain resort town of Lake Lure, NC, there is a unique variety of homes ranging from the historic to the modern, from the somewhat rustic to the state of the art. What’s more, the town has a unique and storied history. Residents enjoy celebrating that history, as well as the myriad recreation and lifestyle opportunities of the area.

So, what’s the best thing about living in Lake Lure? Keep reading to find out. But first….

A Short History of Lake Lure, NC

Located about 45 minutes southeast of Asheville, Hickory Nut Gorge has a gentle year-round climate thanks to its breathtaking sheltering peaks. Not only is it a dramatic view (and vibrantly colorful in autumn), it keeps the winters warmer and summers cooler than surrounding valleys.

Around the turn of the twentieth century, Dr. Lucious B. Morse of Missouri was “lured” to the area for health reasons. A noted developer of his day, Morse purchased 8,000 acres around Chimney Rock in 1902 as a tourist attraction. It was during this time that the first trails were marked, and in 1916, Chimney Rock Park opened to the public. Later, Morse envisioned a resort community surrounding the park. 

In the 1920s, Morse arranged to dam the Rocky Broad River and create the 720-acre lake that would be the centerpiece of his unique resort community. Shortly after the completion of the dam that created Lake Lure, the Depression brought all development of the area to a standstill.

While Dr. Morse’s grand vision for Lake Lure did not play out according to plan, it did ultimately result in a thriving mountain community. The resort town of Lake Lure was founded in 1927, and thousands of acres of land around Chimney Rock would ultimately become a state park.

Today, the Town of Lake Lure owns and controls the lake, shoreline, and dam of their namesake water feature. Almost weekly, new families from Atlanta, Charleston, Charlotte, and beyond are discovering how convenient Lake Lure can be for weekend getaways.

Lake Lure Real Estate is All about Location, Location, Location

Rutherford County, NC is a mostly rural county of about 64,000 residents that is becoming a popular spot for those looking to retire or invest in a second home. At the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains, these mid-sized mountain peaks are filled with forests, streams, striking vistas, stunning rock formations, and gently winding roads and trails. Chimney Rock State Park is located nearby, which offers hiking, outreach, and unparalleled mountain views up to 75 miles distant. The mountain roads that weave around Lake Lure also attract motorcyclists for cruises and rallies. And Cedar Creek Stables offers trail-ride experiences if you’d rather let a horse trek you around the mountain coves.

Lake Lure has seen increased development in recent years as luxury communities and resorts have been built. Nestled at the southern end of the community is Rumbling Bald Resort, whose residents make up approximately half of the town’s population. The resort’s residents and guests have access to a marina and a recreation center that hosts many outdoor amusements and sports, food and drink, and swimming areas—both in the lake and along artificial shoreside pools.

Lake Lure’s Scenic Waterfront Offers Year-Round Fun

With slightly more than 1,100 permanent residents, Lake Lure’s population surges in summer and fall with small waves of tourists and water-sports enthusiasts. The town maintains a fixed year-round water level for the convenience of all. Fishing, water sports, and sunset cruises are a common occurrence. 

The lake itself has much to offer above and below the surface, and all along its 21 miles of shoreline. Permitted residents can launch from the nicely outfitted Lake Lure Marina to enjoy water skiing, leisure cruising, speed boating, paddling, and swimming. And Lake Lure’s clear mountain water is home to sizable stocks of bluegill, catfish, and largemouth bass, making it a haven for anglers.

The smaller and lesser known Bald Mountain Lake adjoins Lake Lure and is nestled in the Rumbling Bald Resort. 

Lake Lure Residents Make the Most of Annual Events and Outdoor Activities

At Lake Lure, outdoor activities await at pretty much every door. There are three scenic golf courses in the area. Lake Lure Golf Course is a nine-hole course designed by the great golf architect Donald Ross in 1929, making it one of the first in Western North Carolina. Two additional full-length, semi-private courses—Bald Mountain Golf Course and Apple Valley Golf Course—each offer a unique take on mountain golfing.

Also popular are Lake Lure’s long standing annual events, including premier fireworks displays on the Fourth of July. In August, the Hickory Nut Gorge Olympiad beckons athletes from around the nation for foot races, a triathlon, and sports tournaments.

If parts of Lake Lure look familiar to first-time visitors, it’s no surprise. The community was the prime shooting ground for the 1987 romance Dirty Dancing. The film was set in the early 1960s, but even today, parts of Lake Lure feel like the lakeside stomping grounds of the film’s main characters. The town continues to celebrate their participation in the film through an annual Dirty Dancing Festival held each September.

Wining and Dining has Never been More Fun than in Lake Lure

Life at Lake Lure is hospitable above all else. A rich offering of bed and breakfast options circle the lake, as do a number of motels, hotels, and rental condos. A mainstay of local lodging is the Lake Lure Inn & Spa, which was founded along with the town in 1927 and continues to keep pace with the area’s ever-growing options for recreation and relaxation. Like the community it calls home, the inn is rife with reminders of Lake Lure’s engaging past and signs of the town’s exciting future.

No center of leisure would be complete without good options for wining and dining. Lake Lure satisfies in this respect, as well. Local eateries run from the mid-range to the upper crust. A favorite among locals and visitors alike is the Geneva Riverside Tiki Bar & Grille, where you can take in what the establishment calls its “island-style” atmosphere right next to the lake.

Find Your Lake Lure Dream Home Today!

Today, Morse’s vision for the area lives on. Lake Lure continues to provide a laid-back luxury that’s perfectly in tune with its natural surroundings. Beverly-Hanks has an office conveniently located in the Rumbling Bald Resort. If you’re searching for homes and land in Lake Lure, our expert real estate agents are available to help!

What’s the best thing about living in Lake Lure? We can’t decide, but we’d love to hear what you think! Share your experience with us in the comments.

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