Lake Lure Community Comes Together to Honor Iconic Actor and Raise Money for Cancer Research

Lake Lure

Many people living in the small Western North Carolina mountain town of Lake Lure when “Dirty Dancing” was filmed nearby have very fond memories of lead actor Patrick Swayze.

They remember Swayze as a “kind family man” and a “heartthrob.” So when the news reached Western North Carolina that the famous actor, singer, and dancer had passed away due to pancreatic cancer, the Tourism Development Authority started receiving calls from residents asking what they could do.

The Lake Lure community decided to hold a memorial service and ask that all attendees donate to the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network. So far, there are no estimations as to how many people will be attending the memorial service. However, it has been confirmed that Rev. Everette Chapman will be speaking at the service.

Lake Lure served as the setting for almost all scenes from “Dirty Dancing.” You can still see many of the places, buildings, and natural landmarks from the movie today. Terry Tincher, broker from Firefly Cove, say that they “do more ‘Dirty Dancing’ tours than property tours.”