LEED for Homes Certifications Now Available for WNC Homes

New homes in Asheville and surrounding Western North Carolina communities looking for green and energy-efficient certification now have a local representative. The United States Green Building Council selected the Western North Carolina Green Building Council as a LEED for Homes provider.

What is LEED for Homes?

LEED for Homes Certifications Now Available for WNC HomesLEED for Homes is a national third-party certification system for energy efficient and green healthy homes. To be certified, a home provider needs to show expertise in green building, as well as local community commitment. A certified LEED for Homes provider can perform on-site inspections to ensure they maintain these high standards.

Items that require compliance include technical requirements for energy and water efficiency, indoor air quality, non-toxic materials, and environmental performance. Typical green home features include high efficiency heating and cooling systems and windows, nontoxic paints and adhesives, recycled and renewable building materials, and drought-resistant landscaping that does not require irrigation.

Additional benefits for a homeowner with LEED for Homes certifications is being worked out. These benefits include low financing, government rebates, and incentives, as well as lower insurance rates.


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