Live The Life You Choose (urban): Downtown and Montford


Live the Life You Choose, Urban Style

“I like to think of downtown Asheville as an urban village,” says Harli Palme, who lives in Montford with her husband Kevin and their two young children. “I love to walk around downtown and Montford and view the architecture and the skyline, and to see people I know out and about. I really feel like I’m a part of a community.”

Asheville is constantly in the news for being the happiest place to live, or the best place to retire, or having the best art galleries. But it’s that intrinsic feeling of connectedness that makes it so unique.

Harli just happens to be a dear friend of mine from childhood, and we reconnected in Asheville when we both moved here about 10 years ago. We ran into each other at an opening at the Asheville Art Museum after not seeing each other for over a decade, and it was like almost no time had passed. But the more I share that story I find that this experience is not unusual at all. The bringing together of people, whether it’s new friends or old, is what Asheville does best.

Check out this  video on urban living in Asheville. You can feel the energy even in 2D.