The Beverly-Hanks LocalList: What is LoLo and How do I Begin?

Beverly-Hanks & Associates partners each month with LoLo, a free rewards program that began in Asheville. If you’re a current client of a Beverly-Hanks agent, you may already be receiving free monthly gifts in your email inbox. Have you redeemed your gifts yet?

If you’re not sure how to redeem this month’s gifts—or if you’ve just been curious about these cute stickers in local business windows—then keep reading. We answer the question “What is LoLo?” and tell you how you can begin redeeming gifts or building your own rewards today.

What is LoLo?

LoLo, short for Locals Supporting Locals, is a free and effortless local loyalty movement in which members earn 5% in rewards on every dollar spent, redeemable at any participating business.

The LoLo program is designed to be mutually beneficial to consumers and small businesses, drawing in shoppers and diners who are themselves rewarded for shopping local.

“What we want to do is inspire people to spend their money where it has the greatest local impact, and we’ve found that to be places that are locally owned and independent,” said Clark Harris, co-founder of LoLo. “What really makes a place like Asheville so unique is the independent nature, the artistry behind these unique small businesses.”

Strengthening local business is about more than economics for the LoLo team. “Our slogan’s Keeping the Local Vibe Alive,” said Harris. “That’s what we want to do—we want to protect communities like Asheville, and really, the essence of what makes them so special.”

How does LoLo work?

There’s no need to make room in your wallet or on your keychain if you want to participate in LoLo.

“We created our loyalty program with what’s called card-linked technology,” said Harris. “That means that people connect their existing credit and debit cards to their account and turn those into their local rewards cards.”

LoLo then tracks spending when those cards are used with participating businesses. Nothing new to carry, nothing to remember—just spend like normal and get rewarded.

What do I get for being a LoLo member?

LoLo members earn 5% on every dollar spent when they shop in the network. “[It’s] very similar to earning airline miles or travel points, anything like that,” said Harris. “And it’s just a reminder that supporting local is the right thing to do, and it’s a fun and engaging way to do that.”

The rewards you earn are called LoDough, which is redeemable for exclusive discounts and experiences in the LoLo network. For instance, LoLo members in Asheville can currently get an appetizer trio at Twisted Laurel for 10LD, cash in 50LD for a $50 gift certificate at Black Dome Mountain Sports, or schedule a chef’s tasting dinner at the Junction for 275LD ($300 value). Members can even give back to local nonprofits, trading 5LD for $5 donations to the Asheville Museum of Science (AMOS), Brother Wolf Animal Rescue, or public radio station WCQS (now Blue Ridge Public Radio).

“We look for a variety of businesses to be our vendor partners,” said Harris. Businesses comprise “a combination of casual dining, fine dining, food and drink, entertainment (so we have some pubs and bars, breweries). And we also have retail and even services, like the [Charlotte Street] veterinary clinic. We really want people to have a local option every time they make a decision to purchase.”

What is Thank Local?

What is Thank Local?:

The Beverly-Hanks Thank Local program is our way of giving back to clients by introducing you to the many independently owned businesses, restaurants, and nonprofits across the region.

“Real estate agents are essentially ambassadors to the neighborhood,” said Harris. “A lot of times, people are moving in, they don’t know the area, and they need to be introduced. By using the LoLo program, the agents can introduce their clients to the neighborhood that they’re coming into in a very fun and engaging way.”

Simply by being a member of a Beverly-Hanks agent’s email list, you can take advantage of exclusive Thank Local offers from some of our favorite merchants, restaurants, and community organizations. You’ll receive an email on the first week of the month with a no-strings-attached gift in your neighborhood.

“Beverly-Hanks just seemed like a perfect partner, and we really collaborated through the development,” said Harris. “[We] built it from the ground up with the agents’ input. We’ve created a gifting program, which provides an alternative to prepaid gift cards or online gifts—things like that. But it’s gifts and experiences to the local businesses in our network.”

“This is a socially responsible program that drives traffic back to the small businesses and helps strengthen the community that really is the heart of the business for Beverly-Hanks.”


Using your local gift is easy! Learn how to redeem your gift.

Not on the Beverly-Hanks email list? Ask your Beverly-Hanks associate for more information and to sign you up for exclusive local offers each month.

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