Andrew Pulsifer is your best coach through the home buying or selling process.

Meet Andrew Pulsifer, the agent representing this week's WLOS Home of the Week.Andrew Pulsifer calls himself a coach at heart, having trained college swimmers, triathletes, and aspiring athletes for more than 25 years. Combine that experience with his own 40 years of swimming, and he certainly understands the importance of showing up, being consistent, and having the discipline to commit even when it’s challenging. That’s the dedication he brings to his full-time real estate career.

Andrew also learned from the best retail company in the USA about meeting customers’ needs by listening carefully. There’s no need to rush. For Andrew, it’s really quite simple: Bring him your dreams or an outline of what you need or where you want to be, and he will help you realize what you likely already know within.

Together with you, Andrew will find just the right fit for you and yours, whatever and wherever that may be, in the timeframe that best suits you.

More about Andrew Pulsifer

Andrew and his wife, Emily, knew they wanted to move to Asheville during their first visit more than 20 years ago. In 2008, they moved finally moved their family to the area, and are grateful every day to have made that choice.

Andrew loves to swim in almost any body of water, from oceans and lakes to pools and rivers. He’s also always up for an all-day hike or mountain bike ride with his family, dog, and some friends. Weekly, you’ll find Andrew coaching a pre-dawn session for the local masters swimmers. Long story short: Just tell him where the action is and he’ll be there.


RealSatisfied-Trust-Seal“Andrew was immensely helpful as we neared closing and had to arrange for multiple water tests and additional inspections. He made all the phone calls and appointments, even paying out of his own pocket upfront when we couldn’t be present for one inspection. I don’t know how we could have gotten everything done in time for closing if he hadn’t taken care of everything. Thanks, Andrew!”

—Cristina Krueger, Candler


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