Karma Keg Nonprofit Winner Spotlight: Homeward Bound WNC

At Beverly-Hanks, we give generously of our time and support every day for the benefit of our community. Our giving is generally limited to the causes closest to the hearts of our leadership, agents, and staff. Last night at our most recent Karma Keg for Charity event, the crowd decided which local charity deserved additional support this season.

Every person in our community should have the opportunity and means to Live the Life You Choose. First and foremost, we believe that means having a safe and secure roof over your head. Thanks to last night’s crowd, we’re able to donate over $1,100 to Homeward Bound WNC, which works hard to make sure our most vulnerable community members have just that.

Nonprofit Showcase: Homeward Bound WNC

What is Homeward Bound WNC?

Homeward Bound is a nonprofit dedicated to ending homelessness in Buncombe and Henderson Counties. Since 1988, they have moved people into permanent housing as soon as it is needed—the “Housing First” national best practice for ending homelessness. This model has been proven to be the most effective, cost-efficient, sustainable, and humane intervention to homelessness. Homeward Bound also offers case management services to provide support and resources to help maintain housing stability.

Since 2006, Homeward Bound has moved more than 1,800 men, women, and children out of cars, camps, and shelters into permanent housing. More importantly, they have maintained an 89% retention rate in housing, making sure that the people they help have what they need to stay in their new homes.

What is the REACH Fund?

The Real Estate Agents Combating Homelessness (REACH) Fund brings real estate professionals, members of associated industries, home buyers and sellers, and businesses together to end chronic homelessness in Buncombe County. A number of local real estate agents, including several from Beverly-Hanks, have agreed to donate a portion of each of their commissions to the special fund.

Cheryl Dalton, one of the Beverly-Hanks associates participating in the program, has this to say:

“Imagine your typical day, nothing out of the ordinary, just having a shower, breakfast, and going to work or school. A day spent taking care of your basic needs. Now try to imagine yourself accomplishing these daily needs without a home base. The idea seems daunting right? Homeward Bound understands the importance of providing the foundation of a home base along with the rest of the support needed to lift our neighbors out of homelessness. The core of a real estate agent’s business is helping people create their home base. The REACH fund provides a way for us to extend this opportunity to people in our community that just need a boost to get there. I think this is a great program and I hope more agents continue to participate.”

The goal of the REACH Fund is to raise $75,000 this year—so that everyone can have a key to their own home.

Get More by Giving Back

Beverly-Hanks is immeasurably proud of our agents and staff for their regular involvement in strengthening our community through service and financial support. We encourage you to get involved, too.

Support our most vulnerable community members now and in the future by giving of your time and money to an organization like Homeward Bound that means something to you. Reach out to Homeward Bound or contact your Beverly-Hanks agent to learn about local nonprofits in your community.

Homeward Bound WNC

Homeless Services, 19 N Ann Street, Asheville | (828) 252-8883

Welcome Home Donation Center, 549 Elk Park Drive Unit 708, Asheville

Administrative Offices: (828) 258-1695


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