Nonprofit Spotlight: Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce

Every successful community has dozens of people working quietly behind the scenes to make it so. Whether creating a place where businesses want to be, people want to work, or tourists want to visit, the secret to Asheville’s recent boom is largely thanks to the Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce. The nonprofit organization has been promoting community development in the area since 1898.

What is the Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce?

Nonprofit Spotlight: Asheville Area Chamber of CommerceThe Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce is a nonprofit, membership-based organization dedicated to improving the local business climate and quality of life. Although the Chamber often works with large public agencies, it is not affiliated with any local or regional government organization.

At the Asheville Chamber, staff work daily on building community through business. Their more than 1,700 businesses, organizations, and coalitions work toward common goals of job growth and the prosperity of Chamber members. The Chamber is divided into four main departments:

Asheville Chamber’s Programs & Events

In addition to their member education and policy work, the Asheville Chamber coordinates a number of member and community events each month. For instance, business before/after hours events offer valuable networking opportunities while learning more about the work of the host business. Legislative wrap-up breakfasts allow members to hear from Western North Carolina legislative delegates regarding their thoughts on recent legislative sessions.

The Asheville Chamber also organizes fundraising events throughout the year. Beverly-Hanks is among the sponsors for this month’s 2017 Chamber Classic Golf Tournament. This Captain’s Choice tournament is a fun opportunity for Chamber members to network, connect with colleagues, and enjoy a beautiful fall day out of the office. The 8:30am morning flight is sold out, but there is still time to register for the 2:30 start time. Will we see you there?

Get More by Giving Back

At Beverly-Hanks, we believe that every person in our community should have the opportunity and means to Live the Life You Choose. We encourage you to get involved with the Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce or one of their programs.

Support local business now and in the future by giving of your time and money to an organization like the Asheville Chamber that means something to you. Reach out to the Chamber or contact your Beverly-Hanks agent to learn about local nonprofits in your community.

Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce

36 Montford Avenue, Asheville

(828) 258-6101



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