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Announcing Beverly-Hanks & Associates Job Loss Protection Program

We are proud to introduce the implementation of a job loss protection program for home-buyers today.  “This is a great time to buy Real Estate! Interest rates are near all time lows and the market offers good value and selection,” advises Neal Hanks, Jr., Owner and President of Beverly-Hanks & Associates, “Beverly-Hanks is proud to be one of the first real estate companies to offer Job Loss Protection to help buyers (via home sellers) make real estate decisions with a greater degree of confidence. This program will be the difference many customers are looking for to proceed with their real estate plans.”

Many potential homebuyers are concerned about what might happen if they were to lose their job.  Beverly-Hanks & Associates’ new Job Loss Protection program, part of the service called HELP (Homeowner Education and Loan Protection) from Rainy Day Foundation, will help ease the worry.  It’s provided by the seller.

The Job Loss Protection portion of HELP will assist buyers who purchase a Beverly-Hanks listing covered by Job Loss Protection in the event  of an involuntary job loss within the first 24 months of the loan. The program covers mortgage payments up to $1800 per month for up to 6 months. HELP also offers 6 months of phone counseling and monthly educational newsletters.

Job Loss Protection is an important and timely service that gives sellers a way to differentiate their property and give buyers the confidence to purchase.

For additional information about this new program, visit or contact your Beverly-Hanks Realtor today!