5 Retail Business Formats and How to Choose the Best One for Your Business

Commercial retail locations come in as many shapes, sizes, and forms as the businesses that inhabit them. And choosing the right one is possibly the most important decision a brick and mortar business can make. Your location will directly impact your bottom line, your foot traffic, and your ability to grow. Here are five core […]

14 Ways to Celebrate Memorial Day in Asheville and across WNC (2022)

Thoughts of summer conjure images of barbecues, family-friendly events, and outdoor adventures galore. And while we’re still a few weeks away from the sun’s highest excursion above the equator, for many, seasonal celebrations cannot wait.  Memorial Day holds an important spot on our calendar as the unofficial start of summer. More significantly, it’s an opportunity […]

Press Release: Grand Opening of Lake Lure Real Estate Office on Memorial Highway

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Grand Opening of Lake Lure Real Estate Office on Memorial Highway Beverly-Hanks opens a Real Estate Discovery Center in Lake Lure. May 18, 2022 (Lake Lure, NC)—Regional real estate leader Beverly-Hanks, REALTORSⓇ will be celebrating the grand opening of a new office and Discovery Center at 1518 Memorial Highway, Lake Lure on […]

Nonprofit Spotlight: Haywood County Arts Council

Western North Carolina’s many local art galleries and museums have always been exciting destinations for lovers of visual arts. But more importantly, art spaces add new life and a sense of identity to our neighborhoods, contributing to the many ways there are to Live Abundantly in WNC.  Today, we’re shining a spotlight on one local […]

3 Ways Second Homes Differ from Primary Homes and Investment Properties

So, you’re thinking about buying a second home. Congrats! Whether your work has gone remote, or you’re looking for a way to get as far away from work as possible, there are many great reasons to invest in a second home. However, buying a second home is not the same as buying your first. There […]

7 Places to Find the Perfect Gift in Hendersonville, NC

After a few years of seeing friends less frequently than we’d prefer (or not at all!), many people are excited to fill every day in their social calendar with meetups, coffee dates, and dinner parties. But remember your manners and what Mama taught you: Never arrive to a party empty handed.  If you’re searching for […]

Have You Seen These Homes for Sale Hosting Open Houses this Weekend?

Sure, open houses are a fun opportunity to tour your neighbor’s home and judge their decorating choices and home staging skills. But if you’re seriously considering buying a home this year, open houses can be an excellent opportunity to wade into the buying pool and get your feet wet. They’re a great way to reacquaint […]

Connecting Community through Coffee: Tryon Coffeehouse Co-Op and GreenLife Inn

What started out as frustration towards Old Man Winter has turned into one couple’s unrelenting passion for a small mountain town in Polk County. “My wife and I both grew up in northeastern Ohio,” said Kevin Parker. “We were done with the long winters and never-ending lake effect snow. So, we packed up everything and […]

3 Brokerages You Should Choose When You Can’t Choose Beverly-Hanks

From coordinating housing to learning your new neighborhood, moving has its challenges. But when that move is to another region, state, or country, those challenges can feel overwhelming. That’s where the Beverly-Hanks Relocation Center steps in to help! We have friends in all the right places. And after 45+ years of helping people move into […]

6 Things You Need to Do before Joining an HOA (Plus 4 Once You’re in)

You’ve finally landed that raise, your kids are getting a little older, and you’re ready to move on up! Better than the east side, you’re headed to one of the swanky gated communities you’ve always dreamed of living in. And then you realized it’s governed by a homeowner’s association. What do you do? If you’re […]